Robert Beauchamp - Review of the Chronic Toxicity, Carcinogenicity and Possible Mechanisms of Actions of Inorganic Acid Mists in Animals

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  Critical Reviews in Toxicology 27(3), 253-259 (1997)


  Occupational exposure to inorganic acidmist containing sulfuric   acid has been associated withincreased laryngeal cancer.    Several chronic toxicity studies had exposures of 1 year or   longer.  No evidence from experimental animals strongly   supports or refutes the induction of cancer by inorganic acid   mists.  Possible mechanism associated with carcinogenicity   may relate to lowering of pH; reduced pH can induce chromosomal   aberrations, enhance depurination and deamination of cytidine in   DNA.  This maechanism has not been evaluated in tissues of   the respiratory tract. 

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