Ronald Elsdon - Building Workforce Strength:  Creating Value through Workforce and Career Development

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  Building Workforce Strength:  Creating Value through   Workforce and Career Development, Ron Elsdon Editor, Praeger,   2010


  In an environment where information, service, and knowledge are   primary sources of value creation, workforce strength is central   to securing prosperity. Written by practitioners for   practitioners, Building Workforce Strength: Creating Value   through Workforce and Career Development bridges the disciplines   of organization and individual development, showing those charged   with organizational progress why workforce strength is a key   component of prosperity—and how it can be achieved. This hands-on   volume is organized in three sections that establish a foundation   for workforce and career development, explore implementation in   organizations, and examine the process's implications for working   with individuals. Showcasing workforce and career development   practices and systems for both represented and non-represented   populations, it provides a framework, techniques, and examples   that will guide approaches to building workforce strength.   Applications of workforce and career development principles in a   variety of sectors, such as healthcare and high technology, offer   tangible examples of these principles in practice.

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