Steinar Hagen - Nyhus, Anne Kari; Hagen, Steinar; Berge, Arvid.  Friedel-Crafts reactions of pendant vinyl groups in macroporous monosized poly(meta-divinylbenzene) and poly(para-divinylbenzene) particles

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Nyhus, Anne Kari; Hagen, Steinar; Berge,   Arvid. Friedel-Crafts reactions of pendant vinyl groups in   macroporous monosized poly(meta-divinylbenzene) and   poly(para-divinylbenzene) particles. Journal of Polymer Science,   Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2000), 38(8), 1366-1378. Nyhus, Anne   Kari; Hagen, Steinar; Berge, Arvid. Characterization of   crosslinked, macroporous, monosized polymer particles. Journal of   Applied Polymer Science (2000), 76(2), 152-169 Nyhus, Anne Kari;   Hagen, Steinar; Berge, Arvid. Formation of the porous structure   during the polymerization of meta-divinylbenzene and   para-divinylbenzene with toluene and 2-ethylhexanoic acid (2-EHA)   as porogens. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer   Chemistry (1999), 37(21), 3973-3990. Nyhus, Anne Kari; Hagen,   Steinar; Berge, Arvid. A kinetic study of the polymerization of   pure meta-divinylbenzene and pure para-divinylbenzene. Journal of   Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (1999), 37(16),   3345-3359 Liang, Yi-Zeng; Christy, Alfred A.; Nyhus, Anne K.;   Hagen, Steinar; Schanche, Jon-Sverre; Kvalheim, Olav M.   Pretreatment of diffuse reflectance infrared spectra for   quantitative analysis of macroporous polymer particles.   Vibrational Spectroscopy (1999), 20(1), 47-57 Christy, Alfred A.;   Nyhus, Anne K.; Kvalheim, O. M.; Hagen, Steinar; Schanche, Jon S.   Reaction of aluminum chloride with poly(divinyl benzene)   particles-a reaction kinetic study using infrared spectroscopy.   Talanta (1999), 48(5), 1111-1120. Hagen, Steinar; Ringberg, Rune;   Fonnum, Geir. Polymer article prepared by   surface-functionalization through double bonds for chromatog.   supports and substrates for solid-phase synthesis Christy, Alfred   A.; Nyhus, Anne K.; Grung, Bjorn; Kvalheim, O. M.; Hagen,   Steinar; Schanche, Jon S. Friedel-crafts acylation on porous   divinyl benzene polymer particles: a reaction kinetic process   studied by mid- and near-infrared spectroscopy. Applied Spectr

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