Rajkumar Halder - Palomo, Claudio; Oiarbide, Mikel; Halder, Rajkumar; Laso, Antonio; Lopez, Rosa.  Enantioselective aza-Henry reactions assisted by ZnII and N-methylephedrine

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Palomo, Claudio; Oiarbide, Mikel; Halder,   Rajkumar; Laso, Antonio; Lopez, Rosa. Enantioselective aza-Henry   reactions assisted by ZnII and N-methylephedrine. Angewandte   Chemie, International Edition (2006), 45(1), 117-120. CODEN:   ACIEF5 ISSN:1433-7851. CAN 144:253831 AN 2006:17645 CAPLUS

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