Wageih Hanna - 1.Structural and antimicrobial studies of some divalent transition metal complexes with some new symmetrical bis (7-formylanil substituted sulfoxine) Schiff base ligands

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1.Structural and antimicrobial studies of   some divalent transition metal complexes with some new   symmetrical bis (7-formylanil substituted sulfoxine) Schiff base   ligands. M. M. Moawad and W. G. Hanna Journal of Coordination   Chemistry,(2002), Vol. 55, 439. 2.Structural and microbial   studies of some transition metal complexes of   7-substituted-8-hydroxy-quinoline-5-sulphonic acid ligands. W. G.   Hanna and M. M. Moawad. J. Coordination Chem., (2002), 55, 43.   3.Metal (II) tetracarboxylate phthalocyanine complexes'   suitability for grafting of cotton fibers by methylmethacrylate   monomer. M. A. Mekewi; El-Said H. El-Mosallamy and W.G. Hanna.   Cellulose chemistry and Technology,(2002), Vol. 36, 275.   4.Structural investigation of the product formed after the   controlled oxidation of Copper (II)-tetra substituted-   phthalocyanine pigments. W. G. Hanna. J. Coordination Chem.,   (2002), 55, 107. 5.Dithizone and carbazone complex compounds as   initiators and () radiation anti-degradation agents for poly   (methylmethacrylate) W. G. Hanna; M. A. Mekewi and E. S.H.   El-Mosallamy International Journal of Polymeric Materials, (2003)   Vol. 52, 471. 6.Structural studies of reaction products between   paramolybdate anion and some cationic [Metal -;ethylenediamine]   complexes utilized as a new photocatalysts under UV/Visible light   illumination. W. G. Hanna. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,   (2000), Vol. 28, 259. 7.Complexation and determination of   Palladium (II) ion with para-Cl-phenylazo-R-acid   spectrophotometrically. W. G. Hanna. Talanta,(1999), Vol. 50,   809.

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