Claire Hartmann-Thompson - 1.     Improved Fuel Cell Proton Exchange Membranes, Nowak, R.; Hartmann-Thompson, C.; Bruza, K.; Thomas, L., Meier, D.  (Michigan Molecular Institute, USA), filed 13th April 2007, WO 2008127645 A1 (2008)

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Improved Fuel Cell Proton Exchange   Membranes, Nowak, R.; Hartmann-Thompson, C.; Bruza, K.; Thomas,   L., Meier, D. (Michigan Molecular Institute, USA), filed 13th   April 2007, WO 2008127645 A1 (2008). 2. Remote Laser   Interrogation of Threat Clouds and Surfaces, Hartmann-Thompson,   C. (Michigan Molecular Institute, USA), filed 29th January 2007 /   25th January 2008. 3. Functionalized particles for composite   sensors, Hartmann-Thompson, C. (Michigan Molecular Institute,   USA), European patent application 04256628.1, US patent   application 2005/0090015 A1 (28 April 2005) 4. Improvements In   And Relating To Composite Materials And Structures, Bunce, T.R.;   Hannington, J.P.; Hartmann-Thompson, C.; Hook, P.B.; Evans, K.E.   (Dow Corning Ltd, UK), World Patent (2004) WO2004088015 5. Silyl   Endblocked Organic Polymer Manufacture Using Silyl Cation,   Habimana, Jean; Thompson, Claire. (Dow Corning Limited, UK), Eur.   Pat. Appl. (1998) EP 887358, US Patent (1998) US 6087461 6.   Nitration of Aromatic Compounds via Sulfilimines, Millar, Ross   Wood; Claridge, Robert Peter; Sandall, John Paul Benet; Thompson,   Claire. (Secretary of State for Defence, UK), Brit. UK Pat. Appl.   (1997) GB 2308119, WO (1997) 022590.

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