Lynn Haynes - PATENTS: Haynes, L., et. al. "Production of Low Calorie Extruded Expanded Foods Having a High Fiber Content, Allowed September 8, 2009. Application number: 11/248,759       1

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): PATENTS: Haynes, L., et. al. "Production   of Low Calorie Extruded Expanded Foods Having a High Fiber   Content, Allowed September 8, 2009. Application number:   11/248,759 1. Haynes, L., et. al., February 12, 2008 "Process for   manufacture of aerated confections with dry blend of sugar and   gelatin", US Patent 7,329,428 2. Haynes, L., et. al., Filed June   16, 2006. "Production of stabilized whole grain wheat flour and   products thereof ",US Patent Application 20070292583A1 3. Haynes,   L., et. al. Filed April 26, 2007. "Production of low calorie,   extruded, expanded foods having a high fiber content", US Patent   Application 20070092620A1 4. Haynes, L., et. al. March 11, 2004   "Enzyme-Resistant Starch for Reduced-Calorie Flour Replacer". US   Patent Application 2004/0197446A1 5. Haynes, L., et. al.   September 2, 2003 "Enzyme-Resistant Starch for Reduced-Calorie   Flour Replacer". US Patent 6,613,373 6. Haynes, et. al. December   10, 2002. "Production of Crispy Corn-Based Snack having Surface   Bubbles". US Patent 6,491,959 7. Haynes, L., et. al. March 5,   2002 "Enzyme-Resistant Starch for Reduced-Calorie Flour   Replacer". US Patent 6,352,733 8. Haynes, L., et. al. January 11,   2000 "Process for Making Enzyme-Resistant Starch for   Reduced-Calorie Flour Replacer". US Patent 6,013,299 9. Haynes,   et. al., August 31, 1999 "Continuous Microwave-Assisted Baking",   US Patent 5,945,022. 10. Haynes, L.C., 1992 "Method and   Liposome Composition for the Stabilization of Oxidizable   Substances, US Patent 5,139,803 11. Haynes, L.C., 1992 "Microwave   Browning Composition", US Patent 5,089,278 12. Haynes, L.C., 1991 "Method and Liposome Composition for the   Stabilization of Oxidizable Substances", US Patent 5,015,483 13.   Lengerich, B.V., Haynes, L., 1991 "Extrusion-Baking of   Cookies having Liposome-Encapsulated Ingredients", US Patent   4,999,208 PUBLICATIONS: 1. "Whole Wheat Flour: Evaluation and   Specification of Attributes Important to Commercial Whole Grain   Soft Whe

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