Fenton Heirtzler - 28)     Unusual Hydrothermal Synthesis of a Heteroaromatic Macrocyclic Complex" E. Burkholder, F. Heirtzler,* L. Orian, W. Ouellette, J. Zubieta Polyhedron 2008, 27, 3700-3702

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 28) Unusual Hydrothermal Synthesis of a   Heteroaromatic Macrocyclic Complex" E. Burkholder, F. Heirtzler,*   L. Orian, W. Ouellette, J. Zubieta Polyhedron 2008, 27,   3700-3702. 27) Synthesis of Hydrophobic Derivatives of the GC   Base for Rosette Nanotube Self-Assembly in Apolar Media" G.   Tikhomirov, M. Oderinde, D. Makelef, A. Mansouri, W-B. Lu, F.   Heirtzler, D. Kwok, H. Fenniri* Journal of Organic Chemistry   2008, 73, 4248-;4251. 26) Synthesis and Stereochemistry of   Long-chain Quinoxaline Metallocyclophanes" M. Howard, F.   Heirtzler,* S. I. G. Dias Journal of Organic Chemistry 2008, 73,   2548-2553. 25) "Formation of a solubilized cobalt block oligomer   from a M2L-type double helicate" F. Heirtzler,* S. Santi, K.   Howland, T. Weyhermuller Dalton Transactions 2006, 4722 - 4729.   24) "Optimization of amide based inhibitors of soluble epoxide   hydrolase with improved water solubility" I.-H. Kim, F. R.   Heirtzler, C. Morisseau, K. Nishi, H.-J. Tsai, B. D. Hammock*   Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2005, 48, 3621-3629 23) "Helical   zinc complexes of pyrazine-pyridine hybrids" S. I. G. Dias, F.   Heirtzler,* T. Bark, G. Labat, A. Neel Polyhedron, 2004, 23,   1011-1017. 22) "In flagrante metallo-cyclophane self-assembly?"   P. J. Cragg, F. R. Heirtzler,* M. J. Howard, I. Prokes, T.   Weyhermuller Chemical Communications 2004, 280-281. 21) "Dimeric   metallorganic supramolecular quinoxaline stacking synthons" F. R.   Heirtzler,* S. I. G. Dias, M. Neuburger European Journal of   Inorganic Chemistry 2004, 685-688. 20) "Insights on the synthesis   and solid-state organisational phenomena of twisted pyrazine -   pyridine Hybrids" F. Heirtzler,* M. Neuburger, K. Kulike Journal   of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1 2002, 809-820. 19)   "Synthesis and supramolecular chemistry of   2,3-bis(2,2'-oligopyridyl)pyrazines" F. Heirtzler Chimia 1999,   53, 204. 18) "Preparation of non-symmetrical   2,3-bis-(2,2'-oligopyridyl)pyrazines via 1,2-disubstituted   Ethanones" F. R. Heirtzler Synlett 1999, 1203-1206.

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