Wu-Jang Huang - 1.Wu-Jang Huang*, Wen-Chin Lee, "Developing a Green Process in a C9 Aromatic Resin Manufacturing Plant: On-Line Recycling of Calcium Fluoride Sludge", Clean-Soil, Air and Water, 2008, 36(5-6), pp

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1.Wu-Jang Huang*, Wen-Chin Lee,   "Developing a Green Process in a C9 Aromatic Resin Manufacturing   Plant: On-Line Recycling of Calcium Fluoride Sludge", Clean-Soil,   Air and Water, 2008, 36(5-6), pp. 504-506. (SCI). 2.Wu-Jang   Huang*, Min-Hsiu Song, Chien-Hsuan Liao and Jia-Jin Du,   "Investigation on the relationship between the leaching behavior   of lead and the changes of carbonaceous materials in MSWI   baghouse Ashes after enhanced carbonation treatment", Journal of   Environmental Engineering and Management, 2008, 18(2), pp.   115-122. (SCI) 3.Wu-Jang Huang*, Jia-Lin Tasi and Ming-Huei Liao,   "Cytotoxicity studies of ash wastes from MSWI by the testing of   animal kidney cells", Chemosphere, 2008, 71(10), pp. 1860-1865.   (SCI) (Impact factor: 2.442, 27th /144 in Environmental Science)   4.Wu-Jang Huang* and Hung-Shao Huang, "Using Fume Silica as Heavy   Metals" Stabilizer for High Alkali and Porous MSWI Baghouse Ash",   Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2008, 152(1), pp 176-182. (SCI)   (NSC 92-2211-M-020-001) (Impact factor:1.855, 2nd/83 in   Engineering-Civil) 5.Wu-Jang Huang*, Chia-Teng Wu, Chang-En Wu,   Lin-Huey Hsieh, Chang-Chien Li, Chi-Yuan Lain, and Wei Chu,   "Ternary Blends Containing Demercury Lighting Phosphor and MSWI   Fly Ash as High Performance Binders for Stabilizing and Recycling   Electroplating Sludge", Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2008, Vol   156/1-3 pp 118-122. (SCI) (NSC 96-2211-E-020-007) (Impact   factor:1.855, 2nd/83 in Engineering-Civil) 6.Wu -Jang Huang*,   "Optimization the Spaying Lime Amount in Semi-dry Scrubbing   System of MSWI", Waste Management, 2008, 28(9), pp. 2403-2405.   (SCI) (NSC 89-2218-E-020-002) (Impact factor: 1.223, 13/79 in   Engineering-Environmental) 7.Wu -Jang Huang* and Meei-Fang Shue,   "Cytotoxicity of the Exhausted Gas from A Thermal Reactor of MSWI   Baghouse Ash", Chemosphere, 2007, 69 (6), pp. 967-971. (SCI) (NSC   91-2211-M-020-001) (Impact factor: 2.442, 27th /144 in   Environmental Science) 8.Wu-Jang Huang*, Yu-Wei Liu and Jinx-Jun   Liou, "St

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