Victor Huang - PATENTS:                                        Desai,N.,R.A.M.Delaney,P.Brouwer, and V.T.Huang. (1984) Stable aerated frozen food product. U.S. Patent 4434186

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): PATENTS: Desai,N.,R.A.M.Delaney,P.Brouwer,   and V.T.Huang. (1984) Stable aerated frozen food product. U.S.   Patent 4434186. Huang,V.T., Colson,C.A., etc. (1985) Stable   aerated frozen desert with multivalent cation electrolyte. U.S.   Patent 4542035. Huang,V.T.,R.C.Hoseney, etc. (1991) Starch-based   products for microwave cooking or heating. U.S. patent 5035904   (Canadian patent 1318171, 1993; European Patent, EP 0 617 896 B1,   2002) Domingues,D.J., etc., Huang,V.T. (1992) Process for   microwave browning. U.S. patent 5108770.   Huang,V.T.,B.Barrier,L.Leake,S.Wittinger. (1992) Aerated frozen   dessert compositions and products. U.S. patent 5112626, WO   92/11769 Huang,V.T.,B.Barrier,L.Leake,S.Wittinger. (1992) Frozen   dessert compositions and products. U.S. patent 5175013. (European   Patent EP0565596B1, 1995; Canadian patent 2099243, 1997)   Huang,V.T.,Kirk,L.,Cullen,L. (1993) Sauce composition for   retorting. U.S. patent 5204135. Huang,V.T.,Timm-Brock,B.,etc.   (1993) Sealant for baked goods. U.S. patent 5254353.   Huang,V.T.,Timm-Brock,B.,etc. (1994) Sealant for baked goods.   U.S. patent 5354567. Huang,V.T.,Kerschner,L.,Cullen,L. (1994)   Method of producing a firm shelf stable food products. U.S.   patent 5368877. Huang,V.T.,Kerschner,L.,Cullen,L. (1995) Method   of reducing processing time for retorted food products. U.S.   patent 5405638. Huang,V.T.,Kerschner,L.,Cullen,L. (1995) Suaces   for retortable food products. U.S. patent 5441757.   Perry,M,Huang,T.V.,Rosenwald,D.,Ghiasi,K. (1996) Container for   refrigeratable yeast-leavened doughs. U.S. patent 5547694.   Huang,V.T.,L.Cullen,J.Kivi. (1996) Stable icing composition. U.S.   patent 5571555. Huang,V., Sandifur,K. (1997) Pie dough with   reduced degree of cracking. U.S. patent 5595778. Clemmings,J.F,   H.Zoerb,D. Rosenwald,V. Huang,. (1997) Method of making ice   cream. U.S. patent 5620732.   Perry,M,Huang,T.V.,Rosenwald,D.,Ghiasi,K. (1997) Method for   packaging refri

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