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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  Publications in   international journals


  1. T. Kuilla, S. Bhadra, D. Yao, N.H. Kim, S.   Bose, J.H. Lee, Recent advances in graphene based  polymer composites,     Progress in Polymer Science, DOI:     10.1016/j.progpolymsci.2010.07.005 (in press)  


  1. I. Park, S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, J.H. Lee,     Heating fluid from aqueous dispersion of metallic to     semiconducting particles, International Journal of     Thermal Sciences, accepted,     DOI:10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2010.05.013  


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, and J.H. Lee,     Synthesis of water soluble sulfonated polyaniline and     determination of crystal structure, Journal of     Applied Polymer Science, 117, 2025–2035 (2010)  


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, J.H. Lee, A new     self-crosslinked, net-structured, proton conducting polymer     membrane for high temperature PEM fuel cells,     Journal of Membrane Science, 349, 304–311     (2010)   


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, J.S. Choi, K.Y. Rhee,     J.H. Lee, A hyperbranched poly(benzimidazole-co-benzene)     with honeycomb structure for the membrane of high temperature     PEM fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources,     195, 2470-2477 (2010)  


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, K.Y. Rhee, J.H. Lee,     Preparation of nanosize polyaniline by solid-state     polymerization and determination of crystal structure,     Polymer International, 58, 1173-1180 (2009)  


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, J.H. Lee, D. Khastgir,     Progress in preparation, processing and applications of     polyaniline, Progress in Polymer Science,     34, 783–810 (2009)  


  1.     S. Bhadra and J.H. Lee, Synthesis of     higher soluble nanostructured polyaniline by vapor-phase     polymerization and determination of crystal structure,     Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 114,     331–340 (2009)  


  1.     S. Bhadra and D. Khastgir, Rheological     properties, shear dependant electrical resistance, and settling     phenomena of polyaniline in ECO solution,    Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 114,     238–245 (2009)  


  10.  J.J. George, S. Bhadra, A.K. Bhowmick,   Electrical and dielectric properties of ethylene vinyl   acetate elastomer reinforced with carbon based nanofillers,   Polymer Composites, 31, 218-225 (2010)


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  13.  S. Bhadra and D. Khastgir,   Determination of crystal structure of polyaniline and   substituted polyanilines through powder X-ray diffraction   analysis, Polymer Testing, 27,   851–857 (2008)


  14.  S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, D. Khastgir,   Dielectric properties and EMI shielding efficiency of   polyaniline and ethylene 1-octene based semi-conducting   composites, Current Applied Physics, 9,   396–403 (2009)


  15.  S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, D. Khastgir,   Semi-conductive composites from ethylene 1-octene copolymer   and polyaniline coated nylon 6: studies on mechanical, thermal,   processability, electrical and EMI shielding properties,   Polymer Engineering and Science, 48, 995-1006   (2008)


  16.  S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, D. Khastgir,   Effect of aromatic substitution in aniline on the properties   of polyaniline, European Polymer   Journal, 44, 1763-1770 (2008)


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  18.  S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, D. Khastgir,   Mechanical, dynamic mechanical, morphological, thermal   behavior and processability of polyaniline and ethylene 1-octene   based semi-conducting composites, Journal of Applied   Polymer Science, 107, 2486-2493 (2008)


  19.  S. Bhadra and D. Khastgir, In situ   preparation of polyaniline coated fumed and precipitated silica   fillers and their composites with nitrile rubber (Investigation   on structure-property relationship), European   polymer Journal, 43, 4332-4343 (2007)


  20.  S. Bhadra and D. Khastgir,   Degradation and stability of polyaniline on exposure to   electron beam irradiation (structure-property relationship),  Polymer Degradation and Stability, 92, 1824-1832   (2007)


  21.  S. Bhadra, S. Chattopadhyay, N.K.   Singha, D. Khastgir, Improvement of conductivity of   electrochemically synthesized polyaniline, Journal   of Applied Polymer Science, 108, 57-64 (2008)


  22.  S. Bhadra, S. Chattopadhyay, N.K.   Singha, D. Khastgir, Effect of different reaction parameters   on the conductivity and dielectric properties of polyaniline   synthesized electrochemically and modeling of conductivity   against reaction parameters through regression analysis,   Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer   Physics, 45, 2046-2059 (2007)


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  27.  S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha and D.   Khastgir, Polyaniline based Anticorrosive and Anti-molding   Coating, Journal of Elastomers and   Plastics, submitted


  28.  S. Bhadra, C. Ranganathaiah, N.H. Kim,   S. Kim, J.H. Lee, New hyperbranched polymers for the membrane   of high temperature PEM fuel cells: Determination of crystal   structure and free-volume size, Journal of Applied   Polymer Science, submitted


  29.  C.H. Han, S. Bhadra, T.J. Kim, J.H.   Lee, Effects of operating conditions on the performance of   direct methanol fuel cells, Journal of Power   Sources, submitted


  30.  N.J.S. Sohi, S. Bhadra, D. Khastgir,   The effect of different carbon fillers on the electrical   conductivity of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer-based composites   and the applicability of different conductivity models,   Carbon, submitted




  Conference   proceedings


  1. J.H. Lee, S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, H. Lee, H.   Kim, Synthesis and properties of new type of   proton conducting polymer membrane   for high temperature fuel cells, Annual   Fall Meeting of The Korean Society for New & Renewable Energy   2009, Nov 25~ 27, Great hall of Jeollabuk-do, South Korea  


  1. O.K. Park, S. Bhadra, N.H. Kim, J.H. Lee,   Effect of surface treatment of CNTs on the electrical   conductivity and hydrophilicity of PANI coated CNTs/epoxy   composites, 17th International Conference on   Composites or Nano Engineering, ICCE-17, July 26 - August 1,   2009, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Abstracts are peered reviewed and   appeared as short papers in World Journal of Engineering (WJOE)  


  1. J.W Kim, O.K. Park, N.H. Kim, S. Bhadra,   J.H. Lee, Continuous carbon fiber/graphite/epoxy hybrid   composites for fuel cell bipolar plates, 17th  International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering,   ICCE-17, July 26 - August 1, 2009, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.   Abstracts are peered reviewed and appeared as short papers in   World Journal of Engineering (WJOE)  


  1. P. Li, N.H. Kim, S. Bhadra, J.H. Lee,   Electroresponsive Property of Novel Poly(acrylate-   acryloyloxyethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride)/Clay Nanocomposite   Hydrogels, Advanced Materials Research,   79-82, 2263-2266 (2009)  


  1.     S. Bhadra, N.K. Singha, D. Khastgir,     Function of Polyaniline as anticorrosive and anti-molding     agent, International Conference on Rubber and     Rubber-like-Materials, (ICRRM) Jan 8-10, 2008, Rubber     Technology Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,     India  


  1.     6.      S.     Bhadra, N.K. Singha, S. Chattopadhyay and D. Khastgir,     Controlled Conductive Polyaniline by Electropolymerization     (Determination of Structure-Property relationship),     12th International Conference on Polymers and     Organic Chemistry 2006, POC’ 06 July 02-07, 2006,     OKAZAKI, JAPAN under IUPAC auspices  


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