John Mc Caskie - 13. US 4,622,110(1986) EP 76523 A1 19830413,  J.Martin, J.E.McCaskie, M.Toben, "High Speed Electroplating of Palladium using a Ammoniacal  Solution of Palladium Tetraamino Complex and Phosphate and  Carbonate Anions"

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 13. US 4,622,110(1986) EP 76523 A1   19830413, J.Martin, J.E.McCaskie, M.Toben, "High Speed   Electroplating of Palladium using a Ammoniacal Solution of   Palladium Tetraamino Complex and Phosphate and Carbonate Anions".   14. US 4,582,729(1986), C.Tsiamis, J.E.McCaskie, "Electroless   Metal Plating of Electromagnetic Interference Shield on Plastic   Material, Using Bath containing Organic Stabilizer having   Thiocarbonic Group" 15. US 4,556,587(1985), C.Tsiamis,   J.E.McCaskie, "Electromagnetic Interference Shielding of Polymer   Substrates by Gas Etching , Activating Etched Surface using   Colloidal Metal Catalyst and Electroless Plating" 16. US   4,545,868(1985), J.Martin, J.E.McCaskie, M.Toben, "High Speed   Palladium Electroplating by Agitating in Ammoniacal Solution a   Palladium Tetraamino Complex Ion and at least one of Carbonate or   Phosphate Anion", 17. US 4,520,046(1985), J.E.McCaskie,   C.Tsiamis,"Preparing the Surface and Plating a Plastic or   Elastomer Material by Gas Etching and Activation by a Metal   Colloid", 18. US 3,972,787(1976), J.E.McCaskie, F.Nobel,   "Palladium Electrolyte Baths Utilizing Quarternized Pyridine   Compounds as Brighteners

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