John Mc Caskie - 1. J.Couto, L.Cardoso, J. McCaskie,  "Conversion of CSN Electrolytic Tinning Lines To RONASTANTM  Process Based on Methane Sulfonic Acid", ITRI Mtg. Sep

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. J.Couto, L.Cardoso, J. McCaskie,   "Conversion of CSN Electrolytic Tinning Lines To RONASTANTM   Process Based on Methane Sulfonic Acid", ITRI Mtg. Sep. 2009,   Paris France and NASF/SURFIN 2010 June Grand Rapids, MI. 2.   A.Fath, J.McCaskie, "Metallization of Plastic with virtually   Hexavalent Chrome Free Etch", NASF/ SURFIN Conf. and Proceedings,   Louisville, KY, June 2009. And Journal of Plating and Surface   Finishing, April 2010. 3. J. McCaskie, T.Tubergen, B. Du, V. Kan,   "Practical Process Sequences and Controls for Plating Various   Substrates in Rack and Barrel MID Applications ", NASF SUR/FIN   Conf., Indianapolis, IN, June (2008). 4. J.McCaskie,   F.Scaraglino, A. Zhang, S.Christian, L. Grippo, "New Method for   Analysis and Control of Decorative Acid Copper Plating Solutions   for Plating on Plastics Applications", NASF SUR/FIN Conf.,   Indianapolis, IN, June (2008). 5. J.McCaskie, S.Redding,   "Successful Automotive Applications for Electroless Nickel",   Metal Finishing, 25-27, April (2008). 6. J.McCaskie, T.Schmoyer,   "Electroless Nickel Plating of HDPE and Delrin for Alternative   Fuels", Automotive Fuel Systems Conf., Dearborn, MI, March   (2008). 7. W. Sommer, K.Wang, N. Brown, J.McCaskie, "New   Hexavalent Cr Free Etch for ABS and ABS/PC Electroplated   Plastics", J.App.Surface Finishing, p.43-46, (2008). 8. W.   Sommer, K.Wang, N. Brown, J.McCaskie, "New Hexavalent Cr Free   Etch for ABS and ABS/PC Electroplated Plastics", NASF SUR/FIN   Conf. , Milwaukee, WI , (2007). 9. N. Heininger, G.Naundorf,   W.John, F.Talgner, J.E.McCaskie, "Laser Direct Structurization   for Selective Metallization of MIDs", J. App. Surface Finishing,   2(2) 158-165, (2007). 10. N.Heininger, G.Naundorf, W.John,   F.Talgner, J.E.McCaskie, "Laser Direct Structurization for   Selective Metallization of MIDs", Proc.AESF SUR/FIN Tech Conf.,   563-580 (2006). 11. J.McCaskie, "A Survey of Mechanisms of   adhesion of metal films to plastic surfaces", EBRATS , Sao Paulo,   BR, May, (2006). 12. J.McCaskie, "Plating on Pla

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