Sean Garrett-Roe - Ultrafast Electron Dynamics at Metal Interfaces: Intraband Relaxation of Image State  Electrons as Friction

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      Sean Garrett-Roe, Steven T. Shipman, Paul Szymanski, Matthew L.   Strader, Aram Yang, and

      Charles B. Harris J. Phys. Chem. B 109, 20307--20378   (2005).    


      Two-photon photoemission of image potential states above   monolayers of p-xylene/Ag(111) shows that electrons with   different momenta have very different rise and decay rates as a   function of parallel momentum. The dynamics are due to energy and   momentum loss (intraband relaxation), which we model as a   stochastic process isomorphic to the overdamped motion of a   harmonic oscillator. The method extracts a friction coefficient   from the data which can be explained by electron-electron   scattering in a formalism based on the Lindhard dielectric   function. One-electron excitations (interband transistions)   dominate the dissipation mechanism, with a smaller contribution   from collective electronic excitations (plasmons).

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