Ella Jones - Book Chapter: Holtke, C.; Faust, A.; Jones, E. F.; Bremer, C.  Multimodal Probes for Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging.  2008. In press. Abstracts: 1)     Pan, M-H; Jones, E

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Book Chapter: Holtke, C.; Faust, A.;   Jones, E. F.; Bremer, C. Multimodal Probes for Magnetic Resonance   and Optical Imaging. 2008. In press. Abstracts: 1) Pan, M-H;   Jones, E. F.; Watkins, G. ; Shell, M. S.; He, J.; Dill, K.;   Shinde, R.; Contag, C. H.; Franc, B. L. Optimization of the   Design and Synthesis of Activatable Intracellular Translocation   SPECT Imaging Probe for Prostate Cancer. The Society for   Molecular Imaging -; The Fifth Annual Meeting. Kona, HI. 08/30 -;   09/02/2006. 2) Watkins, G.; Shell, M. S.; Sounni, N. E.;Hanrahan,   S.; He, J.; VanBrocklin, H. F.; Jones, E. F.; Shinde, R.;   Coussens, L. M.; Franc, B. L. Design and Synthesis of Activatable   SPECT Imaging Probe for MMP-14 Activities. The Society for   Molecular Imaging -; The Fifth Annual Meeting. Kona, HI. 08/30 -;   09/02/2006. 3) Tavri, S.; Sutton,E. J.; Ravarani, E. M.; Henning,   T.M.; Meier,R.; Chesler, L.; Drummond, D.C.; Noble, C. O.; Hayes,   M.E.; Jones, E. F.; Daldrup-Link, H.E. Evaluation of the in vivo   accumulation of nano-liposomes co-encapsulated with a   near-infrared dye and doxorubicin in tumors. The Society for   Molecular Imaging -; The Sixth Annual Meeting. Providence, RI.   09/08 -; 09/11/2007. 4) Pan, M-H; Jones, E.; Watkins, G.; Feng,   J.J.; He, J.; Shell, M.S.; Janabi, M.; VanBrocklin, H.; Budinger,   T.; Shinde, R.; Dill, K.; Contag, C. and Franc, B.   Biodistribution of an activatable cell-penetrating SPECT imaging   probe for prostate cancer in mice study J. Nucl. Med. Meeting   Abstracts, May 2007; 48: 315P. 5) Zhang, A. Y; Fu, Y.; Prevrhal,   S.; Jones, E. F.; Zhen, J. W.; Yeh, B. M. Rational selection of   CT contrast material combinations for dual energy CT imaging:   lessons from a phantom study on CT quantification of contrast   material. RSNA, November 2008, Chicago, IL. 6) Jones E.F., Wu,   L.; Liu, T.; Wong,X.; Pham, D.; Vejandi, K.; Wahnishe, H.; Fu,   X.; Tam, S.; Lapi, S.; VanBrocklin, H. F. and Berkman, C. E.   Targeted Imaging of Prostate Cancer with Phosphoramidate-Based   Prostate Sp

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