Bingwen Jing - 16. Tokutake, Nobuya; Jing, Bingwen; Cao, Honghua; Regen, Steven L.   Quantifying the Effects of Deuterium Substitution on Phospholipid Mixing in Bilayer Membranes

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 16. Tokutake, Nobuya; Jing, Bingwen; Cao,   Honghua; Regen, Steven L. Quantifying the Effects of Deuterium   Substitution on Phospholipid Mixing in Bilayer Membranes. A   Nearest-Neighbor Recognition Investigation. Journal of the   American Chemical Society (2003), 125(51), 15764-15766. 15.   Tokutake, Nobuya; Jing, Bingwen; Regen, Steven L. Detection of   Unusual Lipid Mixing in Cholesterol-Rich Phospholipid Bilayers:   The Long and the Short of It. Journal of the American Chemical   Society (2003), 125(30), 8994-8995. 14. Kishihara, Kiyonobu;   Jing, Bingwen; Regen, Steven L. Cholesterol- Modulated   Lipid-Peptide Communication in Fluid Bilayers. Langmuir (2002),   18(25), 9635-9637. 13. Regen, Steven L.; Janout, Vaclav;   McCullough, Donald H.; Vrablik, Tracy; Jing, Bingwen. Bile   acid-based resins as hydrophobic sponges. Polymer Preprints   (2004), 45(2), 523-524. 12. Jing, Bingwen; Zhu, Daoben.   Fullerene-Fluorescein-Anthracene Hybrids: A Model for Artificial   Photosynthesis and Solar Energy Conversion. Tetrahedron Letters   (2004), 50(1), 221-224. 11. Jing, Bingwen; Zhang, Deqing; Zhu,   Daoben. Fluorescein-fullerene dyads: a new kind of fullerene   dyad-synthesis and their photophysical properties. Tetrahedron   Letters (2000), 41(44), 8559-8563. 10. Jing, Bingwen; Zhang,   Manhua; Shen, Tao. [Ruthenium(II)(bpy)2L]2+, where L are   Imidazo[f]-1,10-Phenanthrolines: Synthesis, Photophysics and   Binding with DNA. Spectrochimica Acta Part A (2004), 60,   2635-2641. 9. Jing, Bingwen; Zhang, Manhua; Shen, Tao. An Unusual   Photosensitizer: Dyad of Eosin-Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)Ru(II).   Organic Letters (2003), 5(20), 3709-3711. 8. Jing, Bingwen; Wu,   Tao; Tian, Chunhong; Zhang, Manhua; Shen, Tao. pH-Dependent   Luminescence of Ruthenium(II) Polypyridine Complexes. Bulletin of   the Chemical Society of Japan (2000), 73(8), 1749-1755. 7. Jing,   Bing-Wen; Wu, Tao; Zhang, Man-Hua; Shen, Tao. Synthesis of the   polypyridine ligands with functional groups. Chemical Journal of   Chinese Universities (2000), 21(3

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