Stoyan Karakashev - Book Chapters: 1.  Karakashev, S.I., Nguyen, A. V. and Miller, J.D., 2008, Equilibrium adsorption of surfactants at the gas-liquid interface. In: R. R

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Book Chapters: 1. Karakashev, S.I.,   Nguyen, A. V. and Miller, J.D., 2008, Equilibrium adsorption of   surfactants at the gas-liquid interface. In: R. R. Narayanan and   J. Berg (Eds.), Advances of Polymer Science, Springer-Verlag,   Vol. 218 (1), pp. 25-55. Papers in Refereed Journals: 1. Qu, X.,   Wang, L., Karakashev, S.I., and Nguyen, A.V., 2009, "Anomalous   Thickness Variation of the Foam Films Stabilized by Weak Nonionic   Surfactants", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, accepted.   2. Henry, C. L., Karakashev, S.I., Nguyen, Ph. T., Nguyen, A.V.,   and Craig, V. S. J., 2009, "Ion Specific Effects on Thin Film   Drainage, Rupture and Lifetime in Nonaqueous Solvents Propylene   Carbonate and Formamide", Langmuir, accepted. 3. Karakashev, S.I.   and Nguyen, A.V., 2009, "Do Liquid Films Rupture due to the   So-called Hydrophobic Force or Migration of Dissolved Gases?"   Langmuir, Vol. 25 (6), pp. 3363-3368. 4. Ozdemir, O., Karakashev,   S.I., Nguyen, A.V., and Miller, J.D., 2009, "Adsorption and   Surface Tension Analysis of Concentrated Alkali Halide Brine   Solutions", Minerals Engineering, Vol. 22 (3), pp. 263-271. 5.   Ozdemir, O., Taran, E., Hampton, M., Karakashev, S. I. and   Nguyen, A.V., 2009, "Surface Chemistry Aspects of Coal Flotation   in Bore Water", International Journal of Mineral Processing,   accepted. 6. Malcolm, A.S., Dexter, A.F., Katakdhond, J.A.,   Karakashev, S.I., Nguyen, A.V. and Middelberg, A.P.J., 2009,   "Tuneable Control of Interfacial Wrinkling and Emulsion   Coalescence", ChemPhysChem, Vol. 10 (5), pp.778-781. 7.   Karakashev, S.I. and Nguyen, A.V., 2009, "Meniscus Deformation   and Dynamics of Moving Contact Line between Polyethylene   Terephthalate Surface and Glycerol-Water Mixtures", Asian-Pacific   Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. 4 (2), 204-210. 8.   Karakashev, S.I. and Nguyen, A.V., 2009, "The Importance of   Aspect Ratio in Profile Analysis Tensiometry", Journal of Colloid   and Interface Science, Vol. 330 (2), pp. 501-504. 9. Karakashev,   S.I., Nguyen,

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