Wonhyuk Jung - 8. "Benzylamine-based selective and orally bioavailable inhibitors of thrombin." Koo Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung; Cheol Won Park; Chang Yong Hong; In Chul Kim; Sangsoo Kim; Yeong Soo Oh; O

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 8. "Benzylamine-based selective and orally   bioavailable inhibitors of thrombin." Koo Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung;   Cheol Won Park; Chang Yong Hong; In Chul Kim; Sangsoo Kim; Yeong   Soo Oh; O. Hwan Kwon; Sung-Hack Lee; Hee Dong Park; Sang Woong   Kim; Yong Hee Lee; Yung Joon Yoo. Bioorganic & Medicinal   Chemistry Letters, 1998, 8(18), 2563-2568. 9. "Bifunctional   molecular accelerator for catalytic asymmetric allylation: R2MSR'   (M = B, Al) as a useful synergetic reagent." Chan-Mo Yu; Ha-Soon   Choi; Won-Hyuk Jung; Hyuk-Jun Kim; Jaewook Shin. Chemical   Communications (Cambridge), 1997, (8), 761-762. 10. "Controlling   factors governing catalytic process: asymmetric allylation   reaction promoted by BINOL-Zr (IV) catalyst with synergetic   reagent." Chan-Mo Yu; Ha-Soon Choi; Won-Hyuk Jung; Hyuk-Jun Kim;   Jeon-Koo Lee. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 1997,   18(5), 471-473. 11. "Effects of subjoin Lewis acid on the   catalytic asymmetric allylic transfer reactions of aldehydes   promoted by BINOL-Ti (IV) complex." Chan-Mo Yu; Ha-Soon Choi;   Sook-Kyung Yoon; Won-Hyuk Jung. Synlett, 1997, (8), 889-890. 12.   "Catalytic asymmetric allylation of aldehydes with BINOL-Ti (IV)   complex accelerated by i-PrSSiMe3." Chan-Mo Yu; Ha-Soon Choi;   Won-Hyuk Jung; Sung-Soo Lee. Tetrahedron Letters, 1996, 37(39),   7095-7098. 13. "Self-regulated molecular rearrangement:   diastereoselective zwitterionic aza-Claisen protocol." Chan-Mo   Yu; Ha-Soon Choi; Jongho Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung; Hyuk-Jun Kim.   Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1, 1996,   (2), 115-116. 14. "Diastereoselective synthesis of highly   functionalized tetrahydropyrans from the cyclic vinyl acetal with   aldehydes mediated by Lewis acid catalyst." Chan-Mo Yu; Won-Hyuk   Jung; Ha-Soon Choi; Jongho Lee; Jeon-Koo Lee. Tetrahedron   Letters, 1995, 36(45), 8255-8258.

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