Winton Jones - BIBLIOGRAPHY Publications "Novel PPAR Ligands for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases." Warshawsky, Alan M.; Alt, Charles A.; Brozinick, Joseph T.; Forman, Scott L

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): BIBLIOGRAPHY Publications "Novel PPAR   Ligands for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases." Warshawsky,   Alan M.; Alt, Charles A.; Brozinick, Joseph T.; Forman, Scott L.;   Green, Jonathan E.; Gossett, Lynn S.; Harkness, Allen R.;   Hawkins, Eric D.; Henry, James R.; Jones, Winton D.; Li, Yihong;   Matthews, Donald P.; Miller, Anne R.; Misener, Elizabeth A.;   Montrose-Rafizadeh, Chahrzad; Rizzo, John R.; Rhodes, Gary A.;   Robey, Roger; Shen, Quanrong; Smith, Daryl L.; Vance, Jennifer   A.; Udodong, Uko E.; Wang, Minmin; Zhang, Tony Y.; Zink, Richard   W.; Fraser, James, Abstracts, 36th Central Regional Meeting of   the American Chemical Society, Indianapolis, IN, United States,   June 2-4 (2004) "A Simple Method for Coupling Aldehydes to Solid   Support"William A. Metz, Winton D. Jones, Fred L. Ciske, and   Norton P. Peet, Biorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 8   2399(1998) "An Efficient Synthesis of Dihydroxyfluorenones via in   Situ Pd(0)-Catalyzed Cross Coupling", F. L. Ciske and W. D. Jones   Jr, Synthesis 1195 (1998) "The Synthesis of Fluorenone-based   Kinase Inhibitors: A Marriage of Anionic and Classical   Friedel-Crafts Methods, F.L. Ciske, W.D. Jones, Jr., R.   Dinerstein and K.A. Diekema, Symposium on "Technical Achievements   in Organic Chemistry, ACS Meeting in Orlando, August, 1996. "A   Convenient Synthesis of Dengibsin," W.D. Jones, Jr. and F.L.   Ciske, J. Org. Chem. 61, 3920 (1996). "The Synthesis and   Biological Activity of Pyridyl-2(3H)-Oxazolones", W.D. Jones,   Jr., G.P. Claxton, F.L. Ciske, R.C. Dage and R.A. Schnettler,   Proceedings of NOBCCHE 21st Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ,   April 4, 1994 "Inhibition of Angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo   with an Inhibitor of Cellular Protein Kinases, MDL 27,032," P.S.   Wright, D.C. Doersen, J.A. Miller, W.D. Jones, Jr. and A.J.   Bitonti, J. Cellular Physiology, 152, 448, (1992). "A Convenient   Preparation of 4-Bromoquinoline and its use in the Synthesis of   5-(4-Quinolinyl)-2(3H)-Oxazolones," F.L. Ciske, W.D.

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