Wonhyuk Jung - 1. "Improved Synthesis of 6-epi-Dictyostatin and Antitumor Efficacy in Mice Bearing MDA-MB231 Human Breast Cancer Xenografts." Julie L. Eiseman; Lihua Bai; Won-Hyuk Jung; Gustavo Moura-Letts; Billy W

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. "Improved Synthesis of   6-epi-Dictyostatin and Antitumor Efficacy in Mice Bearing   MDA-MB231 Human Breast Cancer Xenografts." Julie L. Eiseman;   Lihua Bai; Won-Hyuk Jung; Gustavo Moura-Letts; Billy W. Day;   Dennis P. Curran. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2008, 51,   6650-;6653. 2. "Confirmation of the stereostructure of   (+)-cytostatin by fluorous mixture synthesis of four candidate   stereoisomers." Won-Hyuk Jung; Sabrina Guyenne; Rosario   Concepcion Riesco-Fagundo; John Mancuso; Shuishi Nakamura; Dennis   P. Curran. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 1130-1133. 3. "Total   synthesis and biological evaluation of C16 analogs of   (-)-dictyostatin." Won-Hyuk Jung; Cristian Harrison; Youseung   Shin; Jean-Hugues Fournier; Raghavan Balachandran; Brianne S.   Raccor; Rachel P. Sikorski; Andreas Vogt; Dennis P. Curran; Billy   W. Day. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2007, 50, 2951-2966. 4.   "Efficacious and orally bioavailable thrombin inhibitors based on   a 2,5-thienylamidine at the P1 position: discovery of   N-carboxymethyl-D-diphenylalanyl-L-prolyl[(5-amidino-2-thienyl)methyl]-   amide." Koo Lee; Cheol Won Park; Won-Hyuk Jung; Hee Dong Park,   Sun Hwa Lee; Kyung Ha Chung; Su Kyung Park; O Hwan Kwon;   Myunggyun Kang; Doo-Hee Park; Sang Koo Lee; Eunice E. Kim; Suk   Kyoon Yoon; Aeri Kim. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2003, 46,   3612-3622. 5. "Noncovalent tripeptidic thrombin inhibitors   incorporating amidrazone, amine and amidine functions at P1." Koo   Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung; Cheol Won Park; Hee Dong Park; Sun Hwa Lee;   O. Hwan Kwon. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2002,   12(7), 1017-1022. 6. "Noncovalent thrombin inhibitors   incorporating an imidazolylethynyl P1." Koo Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung;   Myunggyun Kang; Sung-Hack Lee. Bioorganic & Medicinal   Chemistry Letters, 2000, 10(24), 2775-2778. 7.   "Fluorobenzamidrazone thrombin inhibitors: influence of fluorine   on enhancing oral absorption." Koo Lee; Won-Hyuk Jung; Sang Yeul   Hwang; Sung-Hack Lee. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry   Letters, 1

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