J Michael Sauder - Protein production and purification

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  Nat Methods (2008) 5: 135-146.

  Structural Genomics Consortium; China Structural Genomics   Consortium; Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium, Gräslund S,   Nordlund P, Weigelt J, Hallberg BM, Bray J, Gileadi O, Knapp S,   Oppermann U, Arrowsmith C, Hui R, Ming J, dhe-Paganon S, Park HW,   Savchenko A, Yee A, Edwards A, Vincentelli R, Cambillau C, Kim R,   Kim SH, Rao Z, Shi Y, Terwilliger TC, Kim CY, Hung LW, Waldo GS,   Peleg Y, Albeck S, Unger T, Dym O, Prilusky J, Sussman JL,   Stevens RC, Lesley SA, Wilson IA, Joachimiak A, Collart F,   Dementieva I, Donnelly MI, Eschenfeldt WH, Kim Y, Stols L, Wu R,   Zhou M, Burley SK, Emtage JS, Sauder JM, Thompson D, Bain K, Luz   J, Gheyi T, Zhang F, Atwell S, Almo SC, Bonanno JB, Fiser A,   Swaminathan S, Studier FW, Chance MR, Sali A, Acton TB, Xiao R,   Zhao L, Ma LC, Hunt JF, Tong L, Cunningham K, Inouye M, Anderson   S, Janjua H, Shastry R, Ho CK, Wang D, Wang H, Jiang M,   Montelione GT, Stuart DI, Owens RJ, Daenke S, Schütz A, Heinemann   U, Yokoyama S, Büssow K, Gunsalus KC


  In selecting a method to produce a recombinant protein, a   researcher is  faced with a bewildering array of choices as   to where to start. To  facilitate decision-making, we   describe a consensus 'what to try first'  strategy based on   our collective analysis of the expression and  purification   of over 10,000 different proteins. This review presents    methods that could be applied at the outset of any project,   a  prioritized list of alternate strategies and a list of   pitfalls that  trip many new investigators.

  Address (URL): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18235434