Avijit Sen - Low-cost colorimetric sensor for the quantitative detection of gaseous hydrogen sulfide

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        Author(s):         Sen A (Sen, Avijit)1,                 Albarella JD (Albarella, Jeffrey D.)1,                 Carey JR (Carey, James R.)1,                 Kim P (Kim, Patrick)1,                 McNamara WB (McNamara, William B., III)1     
        Source: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL            Volume: 134    Issue: 1            Pages: 234-237    Published: AUG 28         2008       


  A simple, rapid and low-cost method for differentiating a wide   range of concentrations of gaseous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is   described. A large dynamic range (50 ppb to 50 ppm) was   successfully classified at ambient temperature using a   colorimetric sensor array comprised of chemoresponsive dyes   coupled to a commercially available 8-bit flatbed scanner.   Principle component analysis of the composite magnitude and   kinetics of color change for the array of dye spots over the   entire dynamic range resulted in 100% classification. This was   achieved by including chemoresponsive dyes which reacted   specifically with H2S at different detection thresholds.

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