Danilo Giribone - Isotopically Labelled Indolinone Derivatives and Process for Their Preparation

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  D.Giribone, A.Pignatti,   E.Fontana

  International application   WO/2004/012776, 12 February 2004 (priority date August 1,   2002)


  The present invention relates to indolinone derivatives and, more   particularly, it relates to the above compounds isotopically   labelled with carbon 14 [14C], and to a process for   their preparation. From the above, we have now found a new class   of indolylidene-methyl-pyrroles being isotopically labelled with   [14C] at the methylidene moiety. Because of their use   in therapy, for instance in the treatment of cancer, the   possibility of their preparation as isotopically labelled carbon   14 [14C] compounds is of utmost importance for   absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME)   studies.

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