Young-Gi Kim - Thompson, Barry C.; Kim, Young-Gi; McCarley, Tracy D.; Reynolds, John R. "Soluble Narrow Band Gap and Blue Propylenedioxythiophene-Cyanovinylene Polymers as Multifunctional Materials for Photovoltaic and Electrochromic Applications

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Thompson, Barry C.; Kim, Young-Gi;   McCarley, Tracy D.; Reynolds, John R. "Soluble Narrow Band Gap   and Blue Propylenedioxythiophene-Cyanovinylene Polymers as   Multifunctional Materials for Photovoltaic and Electrochromic   Applications." J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2006) 128(39), 12714 - 12725.   Guo, Fengqi; Kim, Young-Gi; Reynolds, John R.; Schanze, Kirk A.   "Platinum-Acetylide Polymer Based Solar Cells: Involvement of the   Triplet State for Energy Conversion." Chem. Commun. (2006), 17,   1887-1889. Kim, Young-Gi; Thompson, Barry C.; Iyengar, Nisha A.;   Padmanaban, G.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Reynolds, John R.; "Variable   Band Gap Conjugated Polymers for Optoelectronic and Redox   Applications." Journal of Materials Research (2005), 20(12),   3188-3198. (invited article to special focus issue: Energy and   the Environment) Thompson, Barry C.; Kim, Young-Gi; Reynolds,   John R.; "Spectral Broadening in MEH-PPV:PCBM-Based Photovoltaic   Devices via Blending with a Narrow Band Gap   Cyanovinylene-Dioxythiophene Polymer." Macromolecules   (Communication), (2005), 38(13), 5359-5362. Snook, Julie H.;   Samuelson, Lynne; Kumar, Jayant; Kim, Young-Gi; Whitten, James E.   "Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy of nanocrystalline TiO2   films sensitized with (2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) dyes for   photovoltaic applications.", Organic Electronics, (2005), 6(2),   55-64. Wang, Xianyan; Kim, Young-Gi; Drew, Christopher; Ku,   Bon-Cheol; Kumar, Jayant; Samuelson, Lynne. "Electrostatic   Assembly of Conjugated Polymer Thin Layers on Electrospun   Nanofibrous Membranes for Biosensors." Nano Letters, (2004) 4(2),   331-334.

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