Young-Gi Kim - Mei, Jianguo; Ogawa, Katsu; Kim, Young-Gi; Heston, Nathan C.; Arenas, Daniel J.; Nasrollahi, Zahra; McCarley, Tracey D.; Tanner, David B.; Reynolds, John R; Schanze, Kirk S

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Mei, Jianguo; Ogawa, Katsu; Kim, Young-Gi;   Heston, Nathan C.; Arenas, Daniel J.; Nasrollahi, Zahra;   McCarley, Tracey D.; Tanner, David B.; Reynolds, John R; Schanze,   Kirk S.. "Low-Band-Gap Platinum Acetylide Polymers as Active   Materials for Organic Solar Cells." ACS Applied Materials and   Interfaces (2009) 1(1), 150-161. Kim, Young-Gi; Christian,   Hermona Y.; Niazimbetova, Zukhra I.; Ananthakrishnan, Nisha;   Thompson, Barry C.; Galvin, Mary E.; Reynolds, John R. "p-OXA-X:   A New Oligo Photosensitizer for Organic Solar Cells." Solar   Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2008) 92(3), 307-312. Kim,   Young-Gi; Mosurkal, Ravi; Walker, John; Li, Lian; Samuelson,   Lynne; Kumar, Jayant. "Synthesis and Characterization of   Bi-functional Ruthenium (II) Complexes for Photo-induced Charge   Transfer in Nanocrystalline TiO2 Photovoltaic Cells.", Journal of   Macromolecular Science: Pure & Applied Chemistry (2007)   44(12), 1255-1260. Guo, Fengqi; Ogawa, Katsu; Kim, Young-Gi;   Danilov, Evgeny O.; Castellano, Felix N.; Reynolds, John R.;   Schanze, Kirk A., "A Fulleropyrrolidine End-Capped   Platinum-Acetylide Triad: The Mechanism of Photoinduced Charge   Transfer in Organometallic Photovoltaic Cells." Phys. Chem. Chem.   Phys. (2007) 21(9), 2724-2734. Kim, Young-Gi; Galand, Emilie;   Thompson, Barry C.; Walker, John; Fossey, Stephen; McCarley,   Tracy D.; Abboud, Khalil A.; Reynolds, John R. "Isoregic   Thienylene-Phenylenes: The Effects of Structural Variation and   Application to Photovoltaic Devices." Journal of Macromolecular   Science: Pure & Applied Chemistry (2007) 44(7), 665-674.   Galand, Emilie M.; Kim, Young-Gi; Mwaura, Jeremiah K.; Jones,   Adolphus G.; McCarley, Tracy D.; Shrotriya, Vishal; Yang, Yang;   Reynolds, John R. "Optimization of Narrow Band-Gap   Propylenedioxythiophene:Cyanovinylene Copolymers for   Optoelectronic Applications." Macromolecules (2006) 39(26);   9132-9142.

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