Mukesh Kumar - The Chloromethylgermyl complexes (5-C5H5)M(CO)nGeR2CH2Cl, [M = Fe (n = 2), Mo, W, (n = 3)]: Rearrangements, Transformations to 1-Germa-3-metallacyclobutanes, (5-C5H4)M(CO)nCH2GeR2 and their Ring-Opening Polymerization

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): The Chloromethylgermyl complexes   (5-C5H5)M(CO)nGeR2CH2Cl, [M = Fe (n = 2), Mo, W, (n = 3)]:   Rearrangements, Transformations to 1-Germa-3-metallacyclobutanes,   (5-C5H4)M(CO)nCH2GeR2 and their Ring-Opening Polymerization.   Paula Apodaca, Mukesh Kumar, Francisco Cervantes-Lee, Hemant K.   Sharma, Keith H. Pannell. Organometallics, 2008, 27, 3136.

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