David Lawson - 60. U.S. 5,866,650, "Composition of Cyclic Amine-Initiated Elastomers and Amorphous Silica and Process for the Production Thereof," D. F. Lawson, H. Takeichi, W

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 60. U.S. 5,866,650, "Composition of Cyclic   Amine-Initiated Elastomers and Amorphous Silica and Process for   the Production Thereof," D. F. Lawson, H. Takeichi, W. L.   Hergenrother, T. J. Lynch, J. Oziomek, February 2, 1999. 61. U.S.   5,883,183, "Anionic Polymerization Initiators and Reduced   Hysteresis Products Therefrom," (polymerization process and   resulting products and compositions) T. Kitamura, D. F. Lawson,   K. Morita, Y. Ozawa, March 16, 1999. 62. U.S. 5,912,343 "Tertiary   Amines Containing Side-Chain Organolithium Structures and Method   for the Preparation Thereof, " D. F. Lawson, W. L. Hergenrother,   M. L. Kerns, June 15, 1999. 63. U.S. 5,916,976, "Polymers,   Elastomeric Compounds, and Products Thereof, Terminated with   Novel Amine Compounds Containing Side-Chain Organohalide Reactive   Moieties," M. L. Kerns, W. L. Hergenrother, D. F. Lawson, June   29, 1999. 64. U.S. 5,932,662, "Aminoalkyllithium Compounds   Containing Cyclic Amines and Polymers Therefrom," D. F. Lawson,   T.A. Antkowiak, J.E. Hall, M.L. Stayer, J. R. Schreffler, August   3, 1999. 65. U.S. 5,935,893, "Aliphatic Solutions of   Aminoalkyllithium Compounds," D. F. Lawson, M. L. Kerns, J. R.   Schreffler, August 10, 1999. 66. U.S. 5,959,048, "Soluble Anionic   Polymerization Initiators for Preparing Functionalized Polymer,"   D. F. Lawson, J.E. Hall, Y. Ozawa, September 28, 1999. 67. U.S.   6,008,295, "Diene Polymers and Copolymers Incorporating Partial   Coupling and Terminals Formed from Hydrocarboxysilane Compounds,"   H. Takeichi, D. F. Graves, S. Sarkar, D. F. Lawson, December 28,   1999. 68. U.S. 6,025,450, "Amine Containing Polymers and Products   Therefrom," D. F. Lawson, M.L. Stayer, Jr., D. Saffles, K.   Morita, Y. Ozawa, R. Fujio, T.A. Antkowiak, February 15, 2000.   69. U.S. 6,046,288, "Method of Preparing a Polymer Using   Aliphatic Solutions of Aminoalkyllithium Compounds," D. F.   Lawson, M.L. Kerns, J.R. Schreffler, April 4, 2000.

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