David Lawson - 20.  "Study of Lithiated Thiaacetals as Initiators for Living Anionic Polymerization of Butadiene or Butadiene and Styrene.  Polymerization and Compounded Polymer Properties," T

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 20. "Study of Lithiated Thiaacetals as   Initiators for Living Anionic Polymerization of Butadiene or   Butadiene and Styrene. Polymerization and Compounded Polymer   Properties," T. E. Hogan, Y-Y. Yan, W. L. Hergenrother, D. F.   Lawson, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 80(2), 194 (2007). 21.   "Living Anionic (Co)Polymerizations of Conjugated Dienes From   2-Lithio-2-Substituted Cyclic Thiaacetal Initiators, " Y.-Y. Yan,   T. E. Hogan, W. L. Hergenrother, D. F. Lawson, submitted to   Macromolecules. Work performed at Iowa State University: 1.   "Formation of Semidione Radical Anions from Ketones and Reducing   Agents with and without Involvement of Solvent," G.A. Russell,   D.F. Lawson, L.A. Ochrymowycz, Tetrahedron, 26, 4697 (1970). 2.   "13C-Hyperfine Splitting in Semidiones," G.A. Russell, D.F.   Lawson, H.L. Malkus and P.R. Whittle, The Journal of Chemical   Physics, 54, 2164 (1971). 3. "Ion-Pairing in Alkali Metal Salts   of Biacetyl and Perfluorobiacetyl. Mechanism of Homogeneous   Reduction of an alpha-Diketone by Lithium Metal and an Example of   a Remarkably Slow Equilibration between Paramagnetic Lithium   Salts," G.A. Russell, J.L. Gerlock, D.F. Lawson, Journal of the   American Chemical Society, 93, 4088 (1972). 4. "Aliphatic   Semidiones. Monoalkyl Glyoxal Radical Anions," G.A. Russell, D.F.   Lawson, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 94, 1699   (1972). 5. "Aliphatic Semidiones. Acyclic   Dialkyl-1,2-Semidiones," G.A. Russell, D.F. Lawson, H.L. Malkus,   R.D. Stephens, G.R. Underwood, T. Takano, V. Malatesta, Journal   of the American Chemical Society, 96, 5830 (1974). 6.   "Decarbonylation and Decarboxylation by Lithium in   Hexamethylphosphoramide," G.A. Russell, V. Malatesta, D.F.   Lawson, R. Steg, Journal of Organic Chemistry, 43, 2242 (1978).

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