David Lawson - Publications of David F. Lawson Work performed at Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.: 1.    "Synthesis and 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum of cis,trans-4,8-Dodecadiene," V

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Publications of David F. Lawson Work   performed at Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.: 1. "Synthesis and 13C   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum of   cis,trans-4,8-Dodecadiene," V.D. Mochel, D.F. Lawson, T.C.   Farrar, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 94, 6202   (1972). 2. "Chlorocyclophosphazene-Epoxide Reactions. Catalysis   by Lithium Halides," D.F. Lawson, Journal of Organic Chemistry,   39, 3357 (1974). 3. "Mechanism of Smoke Inhibition by Hydrated   Fillers," D.F. Lawson, E.L. Kay, D.T. Roberts, Jr., Rubber   Chemistry and Technology, 48, 124 (1975). 4. "Smoke Inhibition of   Polymers," D.F. Lawson, E.L. Kay, Journal of Fire Retardant   Chemistry, 2, 132 (1975). 5. "Investigation of the Mechanistic   Basis for Ferrocene Activity During the Combustion of Vinyl   Polymers," D.F. Lawson, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 20,   2183 (1976). 6. "Effect of Ester Structure on Flammability in   Poly(Organophosphazenes)," D.F. Lawson, T.C. Cheng, Fire   Research, 1, 223 (1978). 7. "Structural and Additive Approaches   to Modifying Flammability and Smoke Generation of   Styrene-Containing Polymers," D.F. Lawson, Preprints, ACS Div.   Organic Coatings and Plastics Chemistry, 43, 171 (1980). 8.   "Methods for Reduction of Smoke in Burning Polymers," D.F.   Lawson, Ch. 2 in Flame Retardant Polymeric Materials, Vol. III,   M. Lewin, S.M. Atlas, and E. M. Pearce, eds., Plenum Publishing   Co., New York, 1982, pp. 39-95. 9. "Recent Developments in the   Flammability of Elastomeric Materials," D.F. Lawson, Rubber   Chemistry and Technology (Rubber Reviews), 59, 470-496 (1986).   10. "Corona Discharge Activation and Reconstruction of Elastomer   Surfaces," D.F. Lawson, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 60, 102   (1987). 11. "Separation and Characterization of Toughened Blends   of Rubber and Nylon 6," D.F. Lawson, W.L. Hergenrother, and M.G.   Matlock, Polymer Preprints, 29(2), 193 (1988).

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