Haolong Li - [10]     Wei Qi, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*, "Stable Photochromism and Controllable Reduction Properties of Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalate/Silica Hybrid Films", J

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): [10] Wei Qi, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*,   "Stable Photochromism and Controllable Reduction Properties of   Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalate/Silica Hybrid Films", J.   Phys. Chem. B 2008, 112, 8257-8263. [11] Hang Sun, Weifeng Bu,   Yancai Li, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*, Changqing Sun, Bin Dong, Ruifen   Dou, Lifeng Chi, Andreas Schaefer, "Self-Assembled Monolayers of   CH3COS- Terminated Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalate   Complexes", Langmuir 2008, 24, 4693-4699. [12] Miao Xu, Chunli   Liu, Haolong Li, Wen Li, Lixin Wu*, "In Situ Photopolymerization   and Photophysical Properties of A Surfactant-encapsulated   Polyoxometalate in Casting Film", J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2008,   323, 176-181. [13] Wei Qi, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*, "A Novel,   Luminescent, Silica-Sol-Gel Hybrid Based on   Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalates", Adv. Mater. 2007, 19,   1983-1987. [14] Hang Sun, Haolong Li, Weifeng Bu, Miao Xu, Lixin   Wu*, "Self-Organized Microporous Structure Based on   Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalate Complexes", J. Phys.   Chem. B 2006, 110, 24847-24854. [15] Hui Zhang, Haolong Li, Wen   Li, Lixin Wu*, "Self-assembly of a Surfactant-encapsulated   Polyoxometalate Mediated by Coordination of Metal Ions", Chem.   Lett. 2006, 35, 706-707. [16] Wen Li, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*,   "Structural Characterization of   Dimethyldioctadecylammonium-Encapsulated Terbium- Substituted   Heteropolyoxotungatates in Solid, Langmuir-Blodgett and   Solvent-Casting Films", Colloid Surface A 2006, 272, 176-181.   [17] Weifeng Bu, Haolong Li, Hang Sun, Shengyan Yin, Lixin Wu*,   "Polyoxometalate-Based Vesicles and Its Honeycomb Architectures   on Solid Surfaces", J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2005, 127, 8016-8017. [18]   Wen Li, Weifeng Bu, Haolong Li, Lixin Wu*, Min Li,   "Surfactant-Encapsulated Polyoxometalate Complexes: toward   Thermotropic Liquid Crystal", Chem. Commun. 2005, 3785-3787.

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