Tzuoo-Tsair Luo - 1. Luo, T. T.; Wu, H. C.; Jao, Y. C.; Huang, S. M.; Wen, Y. S.; Lee, G. H.; Peng, S. M.; Tseng, T. W.; Lu, K. L. "Self-Assembled Arrays of Single-Walled Metal-Organic Nanotubes," Angew

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Luo, T. T.; Wu, H. C.; Jao, Y. C.;   Huang, S. M.; Wen, Y. S.; Lee, G. H.; Peng, S. M.; Tseng, T. W.;   Lu, K. L. "Self-Assembled Arrays of Single-Walled Metal-Organic   Nanotubes," Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 9461-9464. 2. Tsai,   C. C.; Luo, T. T.; Yin, J. F.; Lin, H. C.; Lu, K. L. "An   Unprecedentedly Huge Square-Grid Copper(II)-Organic Framework   Material Built from a Bulky Pyrene-Derived Elongated Cross-Shaped   Scaffold", Inorg. Chem. 2009, 48, 8650-8652. 3. Bhattacharya, D.;   Sathiyendiran, M.; Luo, T. T.; Chang, C. H.; Cheng, Y. H.; Lin,   C. Y.; Lee, G. H.; Peng, S. M.; Lu, K. L. "Ground and Excited   Electronic States of Quininone-containing Re(I)-based Rectangles:   A Comprehensive Study of Their Preparation, Electrochemistry and   Photophysics," Inorg. Chem. 2009, 48, 3731. 4. Wu, J. Y.; Yang,   S. L.; Luo, T. T.; Liu, Y. H., Cheng, Y. W.; Chen, Y. F.; Wen, Y.   S.; Lin, L. G.; Lu, K. L. "Time-Evolving Self-Organization and   Autonomous Structural Adaptation of Cobalt(II)-;Organic Framework   Materials with scu and pts Nets," Chem. Eur. J. 2008, 14,   7136-7139. 5. Luo, T. T.; Lu, K. L. "Fabrication of Metal-Organic   Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage," Chemistry (The Chinese Chem.   Soc., Taiwan) 2008, 66, 109-116. 6. Luo, T. T.; Liu, Y. H.; Chan,   C. C.; Huang, S. M.; Chang, B. C.; Lu, Y. L.; Lee, G. H.; Peng,   S. M.; Wang, J. C.; Lu, K. L. "Toward Quartz and Cristobalite:   Spontaneous Resolution, Structures, and Characterization of   Chiral Silica-Mimetic Silver(I)-Organic Materials," Inorg. Chem.   2007, 46, 10044-10046. 7. Luo, T. T.; Hsu, L. Y.; Su, C. C.;   Ueng, C. H.; Tsai, T. C.; Lu, K. L. "Deliberate Design of a 3D   Homochiral CuII/L-met/AgI Coordination Network Based on the   Distinct Soft-Hard Recognition Principle," Inorg. Chem. 2007, 46,   1532-1534. 8. Sathiyendiran, M.; Chang, C. H.; Chuang, C. H.;   Luo, T. T.; Wen, Y. S.; Lu, K. L. "Rigidity-Modulated   Conformation Control: A Strategy for Incorporating Flexible   Building Motifs into Metallacycles," Dalton Trans. 2007, 1872-187

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