Giridhar Madras - 1. Daraboina, N.; Madras, G. Kinetics of the ultrasonic degradation of poly (alkyl methacrylates). Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 2009, 16, 279. 2. McCoy, B

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Daraboina, N.; Madras, G. Kinetics of   the ultrasonic degradation of poly (alkyl methacrylates).   Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 2009, 16, 279. 2. McCoy, B. J.; Madras,   G. Cluster kinetics of phase transitions: Applications to   innovative technologies. Chemical Engineering Communications   2009, 196, 233. 3. Varma, M. N.; Madras, G. Effect of chain   length on enzymatic hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl esters in   supercritical carbon dioxide. Applied Biochemistry and   Biotechnology 2008, 144, 223. 4. Vinu, R.; Madras, G. Kinetics of   simultaneous photocatalytic degradation of phenolic compounds and   reduction of metal ions with Nano-TiO2. Environmental Science and   Technology 2008, 42, 919. 5. Sailaja, R. R.; Girija, B. G.;   Madras, G.; Balasubramanian, N. Effect of compatibilization on   mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene-soy flour   composites. Journal of Materials Science 2008, 43, 74. 6. Roy,   S.; Marimuthu, A.; Hegde, M. S.; Madras, G. NO reduction by H2   over nano-Ce0.98Pd0.02O2-? Catalysis Communications 2008, 9, 105.   7. Mccoy, B. J.; Madras, G. Cluster kinetics and dynamics of   oscillator synchronization. International Journal of Modern   Physics B 2008, 22, 900. 8. Mahapatra, S.; Nayak, S. K.; Madras,   G.; Guru Row, T. N. Microwave synthesis and photocatalytic   activity of nano lanthanide (Ce, Pr, and Nd) orthovanadates.   Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 2008, 47, 6516. 9.   Vinu, R.; Madras, G. Synthesis and photoactivity of Pd   substituted nano-TiO2. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical   2008, 291, 11. 10. Mahanta, D.; Madras, G.; Radhakrishnan, S.;   Patil, S. Adsorption of sulfonated dyes by polyaniline emeraldine   salt and its kinetics. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2008, 112,   10157. 11. Marimuthu, A.; Madras, G. Continuous distribution   kinetics for microwave-assisted oxidative degradation of   poly(alkyl methacrylates). AIChE Journal 2008, 54, 2173. 12.   Varma, M. N.; Madras, G. Kinetics of synthesis of butyl butyrate   by esterification and trans

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