Avijit Sen - Spectroscopic, redox and photophysical properties of push-pull fluoroarylporphyrins

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  Source: JOURNAL OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY-FARADAY   TRANSACTIONS    Volume: 93      Issue: 24    Pages: 4281-4288      Published: 1997


  Novel fluoroarylporphyrins bearing electron donor dimethylamino   groups in the meso-aryl positions and an electron acceptor nitro   group on one of the pyrrole carbons exhibit significant solvent   dependent fluorescence spectra and time-resolved emission   properties. These effects are suggestive of intramolecular charge   transfer (ICT) in the singlet excited state of these porphyrins.   Electrochemical redox behaviour of these porphyrins showed the   presence of substantial donor-acceptor interactions in the   nitro-amino porphyrins.

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