J Michael Sauder - High throughput protein production and crystallization at NYSGXRC

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  Methods Mol Biol (2008) 426: 561-575.

  Sauder MJ, Rutter ME, Bain K, Rooney I, Gheyi T, Atwell S,   Thompson DA, Emtage S, Burley SK


  Phase II of the Protein Structure Initiative, funded by the NIH   NIGMS  (National Institute of General Medical Sciences), is   a 5-year effort to  determine thousands of protein   structures. The New York SGX Research  Center for Structural   Genomics (NYSGXRC) is one of the four large-scale    production centers tasked with determining 100-200 structures   annually.  Almost all protein production is carried out   using the high throughput  structural biology platform at   SGX Pharmaceuticals (SGX), which supplies  120 or more   ultrapure proteins per month for NYSGXRC crystallization    and structure determination activities. Protocols for PCR,   cloning,  expression/solubility testing, fermentation,   purification, and  crystallization are described. General   protocols and detailed  experimental results for each target   are updated weekly at the public  PepcDB website   (pepcdb.pdb.org/), and all NYSGXRC clones should be    available in 2008 through the PlasmID resource operated by the   Harvard  Institute of Proteomics.

  Address (URL): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18542890