Harris Martin - Martin, H.W., Ivanoff, D.B., Graetz, D.A., and Reddy, K.R.  1991.  Mineralization of organic phosphorus in soils.  Chapter 7.  In:  K.R. Reddy and D.A

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Martin, H.W., Ivanoff, D.B., Graetz, D.A.,   and Reddy, K.R. 1991. Mineralization of organic phosphorus in   soils. Chapter 7. In: K.R. Reddy and D.A. Graetz. Phosphorus   dynamics in the Everglades nutrient removal system (Knight's   Farm). Report to South Florida Water Management District. Wetland   Soils Research Laboratory, University of Florida, Gainesville,   Florida.

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