Eric Martin - Martin, Eric J;Hoeffel, Thomas J; Oriented Substituent Pharmacophore PRopErtY Space (OSPPREYS): A substituent-based calculation that describes the library products better than the corresponding product-based calculation, J

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Martin, Eric J;Hoeffel, Thomas J; Oriented   Substituent Pharmacophore PRopErtY Space (OSPPREYS): A   substituent-based calculation that describes the library products   better than the corresponding product-based calculation, J. Mol   Graph Model., 18(4/5), 383-403 2000. Martin, Eric J; Wong, Alex;   Sensitivity Analysis and Other Improvements to Tailored   Combinatorial Library Design, J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci., 40,   215-220, (2000). Martin, Eric J; Critchlow, Roger E., "Beyond   mere Diversity: Tailoring Combinatorial Libraries for Drug   Discovery", J. Comb. Chem., 1, 32-45 (1999). Richter, Lutz S.;   Goff, Dane A.; Spear, Kerry L.; Martin, Eric J.; Zuckermann,   Ronald N. Submonomer approaches for the generation of molecular   diversity: nonnatural oligomer and organic template libraries.   Comb. Chem. Mol. Diversity Drug Discovery (1998). Martin, Eric   J.; Critchlow, Roger E.; Spellmeyer, David C.; Rosenberg, Steven;   Spear, Kerry L.; Blaney, Jeffrey M. "Diverse approaches to   combinatorial library design", in Pharmacochem. Libr., vol. 29   (Trends in Drug Research II), ed. H. Timmerman, Elsevier   Publishers, Amsterdam, NE, pp. 133-146 (1998). Eric J. Martin,   David C. Spellmeyer, Roger E. Critchlow Jr., and Jeffrey M.   Blaney, "Does Combinatorial Chemistry Obviate Computer Aided Drug   Design?", in Reviews in Computational Chemistry, vol 10, ed.   Kenny B. Lipkowitz and Donald B. Boyd, VCH Publishers, NewYork,   NY, pp. 75-100 (1997). Computational approaches for combinatorial   library design and molecular diversity analysis, Blaney, JM,   Martin, EJ, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 1(1), pp. 54-59,   (1997). Spellmeyer, David C.; Blaney, Jeffrey M.; Martin, Eric.   "Computational approaches to chemical libraries", in Pract. Appl.   Comput.-Aided Drug Des., Paul S. Charifson, Ed., (1997), 165-193.   Richter, Lutz S.; Spellmeyer, David C.; Martin, Eric J.;   Figliozzi, Gianine M.; Zuckermann, Ronald N. Automated synthesis   of nonnatural oligomer libraries: the peptoid

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