Robert Matson - Microarray Technology 2004          Mikolajczyk SD, Song Y, Wong JR, Matson RS and Rittenhouse HG           Are multiple markers the future of prostate cancer diagno

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Microarray Technology 2004 Mikolajczyk SD,   Song Y, Wong JR, Matson RS and Rittenhouse HG Are multiple   markers the future of prostate cancer diagnostics? Clinical   Biochemistry 37: 519-528 2001 Lane S, Birse C, Zhou S, Matson R   and Liu H DNA Array Studies Demonstrate Convergent Regulation of   Virulence Factors by Cph1, Cph2, and Efg1 in Candida albicans, J.   Biological Chem. 276: 48988-48996 1997 Healey RG, Matson RS and   Walt DR Fiberoptic DNA Sensor Array Capable of Detecting Point   Mutations Analytical Biochemistry 251: 270-279 1995 Matson RS,   Rampal J, Pentoney SL, Anderson PD and Coassin P Biopolymer   Synthesis on Polypropylene Supports: Oligonucleotide Arrays   Analytical Biochemistry 224: 110-116. 1994 Wehnert MS, Matson RS,   Rampal JB, Coassin PJ and Caskey CT A Rapid Scanning Strip for   Tri- and Dinucleotide Short Tandem Repeats Nucleic Acids Research   22: 1701-1704. Protein Purification & Characterization 1989   Goheen SC and Matson RS Determining the Critical Micelle   Concentration Using a Binary Mixing System Journal of the   American Oil Chemist Society 66: 994-997. 1988 Matson RS and   Little MC Strategy for the Immobilization of Monoclonal   Antibodies onto Solid Phase Supports Journal of Chromatography   458: 67-77. 1985 Goheen SC and Matson RS Purification of Human   Serum Gamma Globulins by Hydrophobic-Interaction High Performance   Liquid Chromatography, Journal of Chromatography 326: 235-241.   Polymer Chemistry 1988 Matson RS and Siebert CJ Evaluation of a   New N-Hydroxysuccinimide Activated Support for Fast Flow   Immunoaffinity Chromatography, Preparative Chromatography 1:   67-91. Enzymology & Metabolic Regulation 1983 Fulco AJ, Kim   BK, Matson RS, Narhi LO, and Ruettinger RT Non-substrate   Induction of a Soluble Bacterial Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenase   by Phenobarbital and its Analogs, Molecular and Cellular   Biochemistry 53/54: 155-161.

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