John Mc Caskie - Patents 1. EP 1493841 A1 20050105, J.E. McCaskie, H.L. Garay,"Catalytic metallization of ceramics by electroless coating with metal phosphorous alloy" 2

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Patents 1. EP 1493841 A1 20050105, J.E.   McCaskie, H.L. Garay,"Catalytic metallization of ceramics by   electroless coating with metal phosphorous alloy" 2. US Pat.   6,048,585(2000), N.Martyak, J.McCaskie, "Removal of   Orthophosphite from Electroless Nickel Plating Baths" 3. EP   915183 A1 19990512, M.Kurpjoweit, H.Fuchs, U.Reiter, J.McCaskie   "Tin Plating of Copper Tubes" 4. US Pat.5,656,148 (1997) EP   730047 A1 19960904, N.Martyak, J.E.McCaskie, "High Current   Density Zinc Chloride Electrogalvanizing Process and   Composition", 5. US Pat. Appl. (1997), N.Joshi, J.McCaskie, "New   Class of Conditioning Agents for Selective Metallization of   Polymers" 6. US Pat.5, 718,818 (1998). EP727512 A1 19960821,   N.Martyak, J.E. McCaskie, "High Current Density Zinc Sulfate   Electrogalvanizing Process and Composition" 7. US Pat. 5,944,879   (1999), N.Martyak, J.McCaskie, W.Richtering, "Nickel   Hypophosphite Solutions with Increased Nickel Concentration" 8.   WO 9821381 A1 19980522, N.Martyak, J.E. McCaskie, "Controlled   Precipitation for removal of orthophosphite ions from electroless   hypophosphite-;type bath for a stable coating with nickel" 9. DE   195 10855 (1996), H.Middeke, J.E.McCaskie, N.Joshi, "Verfahren   zum Selektiven Elektrolytischen Metallisieren von   Kunststoff"(Process for Selective Metallization of Plastic) 10.   DE 195 32831 19970306, B.Voos, W.Plieth, J.E.McCaskie, N.Martyak,   "WAsriges Bad und Verfahren zum Elektrolytische .Abscheiden von   Chrom Phosphor"(Aqueous Bath and Process for Electrolytic   Deposition of Chromium Phosphorous Alloys on Substrates for   functional purposes) 11. US 5,543,182 (1996) EP 616053 A1   19940921, N.Joshi, J.E.McCaskie, M.Boyle, "Self-Replenishing,   Non-Formaldehyde, Immersion Coating Method and Composition" 12.   US 4,836,897(1989), W.Korbach, J.Corsentino, A.Jones,   J.E.McCaskie, "Baths and Process for Electroplating Hard,   Adherent, Smooth, Wear Resistant and Corrosion Resistant Chromium   Deposits"

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