Srinivasa Meneni - 12)     Liang, F.; Rao, M.S and Cho, B.P. Novel Induced Circular Dichroism Characteristics as Conformational Probes of Aminoflurorene-induced Conformational

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 12) Liang, F.; Rao, M.S and Cho, B.P.   Novel Induced Circular Dichroism Characteristics as   Conformational Probes of Aminoflurorene-induced Conformational.   Chem.Res.Toxicol. 2006, 19, 1040-43. [PDF] 13) Rao, M.S.;   D"Mello, R.; Norigian, G.; Baker, G.; Gao, L.; Chiarelli, P.M and   Cho, B.P. Sequence effects of aminofluorene-modified DNA   duplexes: UV thermodynamic and circular dichroism properties.   Nucleic Acids Res.2006, 34(2), 755-764. [PDF] 14) Esho, N.;   Desaulniers, J.P.; Davies, B.; Chui, HMP.; Rao, M.S.; Chow, C.S.;   Szafert, S and Dembinski, R. NMR conformational analysis of   p-tolyl furano pyrimidine 2'-deoxyribonucleoside and crystal   structure of its 3',5'-di-O-acetyl derivative. Bioorg.Med. Chem.   2005, 13(4), 1231-1238. 15) Shweta, A.; Narender, T.; Srivastava,   K.; Puri, S.K and Rao, M.S. Prenylated Chalcones isolated from   Crotalaria genus Inhibits In-vitro growth of the human malaria   parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2005,   15(10), 2453-2455. 16) Rao, M.S.; Kumar, J.K.; Raman, N.V.; Rao,   P.S and Duddeck, H. Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization   of some chromanochalcones and their dihydro derivatives. Arco   Vic. 2004 (xiv) 96-102 PDF n 17) Rao, M.S and Raman N.V. A novel   flavonoid from Polygala chenines. Biochem. Syst. Eco. 2004, 32,   447-448. Resume of Srinivasarao Meneni 18) Rao, M.S.; Esho, N.;   Sergeant, C and Dembinski, R. 5-endo-dig electrophilic   cyclization of -alkynyl carbonyl compounds: Synthesis of novel   bicyclic 5-iodo- and 5-bromofurano pirymidine nucleosides. J.   Org. Chem. 2003, 68(17), 6788-6970. 19) Rao, M.S.; Kumar, J.K and   Rao P.S. A rare Flavonol glycoside from Poygala chenines.   Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 2003, 31, 635-636.

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