Srinivasa Meneni - 1)Sergeant, C.D.; Ott, I.; Sniady, A.; Rao, M.S.; Gust, R.; and Dembinski, R. Metallo-Nucleosides: Synthesis and Antiproliferative activity of Hexacarbonyl dicobalt 5-alkynyl-2'-deoxyuridines

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1)Sergeant, C.D.; Ott, I.; Sniady, A.;   Rao, M.S.; Gust, R.; and Dembinski, R. Metallo-Nucleosides:   Synthesis and Antiproliferative activity of Hexacarbonyl dicobalt   5-alkynyl-2'-deoxyuridines.Org. Biomol. Chem. 2008. 6(1),73-80 .   Cover Article, issue 1. 2)Cho, Bongsup; Jain, Nidhi; and Rao,   M.S. Influence of flanking sequence context on the conformational   flexibility of aminofluorene-modified dG adduct in dA mismatch   DNA duplexes. Nucleic Acids Res.(Accepted) 3)Rao, M.S.; Steven   M.S.; Yue, Z and Cho, B.P. Sequence Effects on the Conformational   Heterogeneity of Aminofluorene- Derived DNA Adducts and Incision   by UvrABC Nuclease Repair. Chem.Res.Toxicol. 2007, 20, 6-10.the   most cited article during 2007.   (   4)Rao, M.S.; Zou, Yue; Chiarelli, Paul; Lee, Wang; Sponer,   Jurecka, Petr and Cho, B.P. Spectroscopic and Theoretical   Insights into Sequence Effects of Aminofluorene-induced   Conformational Heterogeneity and Nucleotide Excision Repair.   Biochemistry.2007, 46(40), 11263-11278. [PDF] 5)Rao, M.S and Cho,   B.P. 19F NMR modeling for the translesion synthesis of   aminofluorene-dG adducts. J.Mol.Biol. 2007, 366, 1387-1400. [PDF]   6)Jain, Nidhi; Li, Yuyuan; Zhang, Li; Meneni, Srinivasa Rao and   Cho, Bongsup Probing the sequence effect on NarI-induced-2 frame   shift mutagenesis by dynamic 19F NMR, UV and CD spectroscopy.   Biochemistry.2007; 46(46); 13310-13321. [PDF] 7)Rao, M.S.;   Sergeant, C.D.; Ott, I and Dembinski, R. Chromatography-Free   Synthesis of 5-Alkynyl-2'-Deoxyuridines and Cytotoxicity Studies   Against MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells. Bioorg.   Med. Chem. 2007, 15, 3082-3088. 8)Rao M.S.; and Raman Narukulla.   A new trimethoxychalcone from Crotalaria ramosissima.   Fitoterapia. 2007, 78/6, 446-447. 9)Anil Kumar and Rao M.S ,   Recent synthetic methodologies for furan derivatives in "Modern   Approaches to the Synthesis of O- and N- Heterocyc

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