Kenichi Morigaki - Langmuir,  2008, (accepted), "Polymerized lipid bilayers on solid substrate: Morphologies and obstruction of lateral diffusion", Okazaki, T., T. Inaba, Y

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Langmuir, 2008, (accepted), "Polymerized   lipid bilayers on solid substrate: Morphologies and obstruction   of lateral diffusion", Okazaki, T., T. Inaba, Y. Tatsu, R. Tero,   T. Urisu, and K. Morigaki. Langmuir, 23 2007, 12254-12260,   "Polymerization of diacetylene phospholipid bilayers on solid   substrate: Influence of the film deposition temperature ",   Morigaki, K., H. Schonherr, and T. Okazaki. Biochem. Biophys.   Res. Commun., 355 2007, 926-931, "Immobilization and activity   assay of cytochrome P450 on patterned lipid membranes", Ueda, Y.,   K. Morigaki, Y. Tatsu, N. Yumoto, and H. Imaishi. Biophys. J., 91   2006, 1757-1766, "Phospholipid vesicle fusion on micropatterned   polymeric bilayer substrates", Okazaki, T., K. Morigaki, and T.   Taguchi. Biophys. J., 91 2006, 1380-1387, "Vesicle fusion studied   by surface plasmon resonance and surface plasmon fluorescence   spectroscopy", Morigaki, K. and K. Tawa. J. Biol. Chem., 281   2006, 33677-33683, "Real-time and single fibril observation of   the formation of amyloid beta spherulitic structures", Ban, T.,   K. Morigaki, H. Yagi, T. Kawasaki, A. Kobayashi, S. Yuba, H.   Naiki, and Y. Goto. Biophys. J., 89 2005, 2750-2758,   "Substrate-supported phospholipid membranes studied by surface   plasmon resonance and surface plasmon fluorescence spectroscopy",   Tawa, K. and K. Morigaki. Langmuir, 20 2004, 7729-7735,   "Micropatterned composite membranes of polymerized and fluid   lipid bilayers", Morigaki, K., K. Kiyosue, and T. Taguchi.   Colloids Surf. A, 213 2003, 37-44, "Thermodynamic and kinetic   stability. Properties of micelle and vesicle systems formed by   decanoic acid/ decanoate", Morigaki, K., P. Walde, M. Misran, and   B.H. Robinson. Langmuir, 19 2003, 6994-7002, "Photolithographic   polymerization of diacetylene-containing phospholipid bilayers   studied by multimode atomic force microscopy", Morigaki, K., H.   Schonherr, C.W. Frank, and W. Knoll.

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