Dave Seapy - Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of Alkenyl Bromides with Potassium Alkyltrifluoroborates

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      G. A. Molander, J. Ham, D. G. Seapy Tetrahedron  2007, 63, 768-775.


      The Suzuki-Miyaura-type cross-coupling reaction of potassium   alkyltrifluoroborates with various alkenylbromides in the   presence of 10 mol% of PdCl2(dppf)2.CH2Cl2 and 3.0 equivalents of   Cs2CO3 under aqueous toluene at 80C provided the desired   compounds 49-95% yields. A variety of functional groups in the   potassium alkyltrifluoroborates were tolerated under basic   conditions.

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