Mark Waner - Complementary Spectroscopic Assays for Investigating Protein-Ligand Binding Activity: A Project for the Advanced Chemistry Laboratory

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  Mascotti, D.P.; Waner, M.J., J. Chem. Educ., 2010,   87 (7), 735–738. (DOI: 10.1021/ed100199j).


  A protein−ligand binding, guided-inquiry laboratory project   with  potential application across the advanced   undergraduate curriculum is  described. At the heart of the   project are fluorescence and  spectrophotometric assays   utilizing biotin-4-fluorescein and  streptavidin. The use of   the same stock solutions for an assay that may  be examined   by two distinct spectroscopic techniques offers an    opportunity to discuss not only protein−ligand binding but also   to  compare instrumental techniques and to discuss the   underlying physical  principles that are the origins of the   assays. In addition to critically  evaluating analytical   techniques, students are pushed to develop  quantitative   pipetting, estimation, and experimental-design skills to    collect and analyze their data.

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