David Newburg - Original Articles Newburg DS, Frankel DL, Fillios LC. An asparagine requirement in young rats fed the dietary combinations of aspartic acid, glutamine, and glutamic acid

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Original Articles Newburg DS, Frankel DL,   Fillios LC. An asparagine requirement in young rats fed the   dietary combinations of aspartic acid, glutamine, and glutamic   acid. J Nutr 1975;105:356-63. Concon JM, Newburg DS, Swerczek TW.   Black pepper (Piper nigrum): Evidence of carcinogenicity. Nutr   & Cancer 1979;1:22-6. Newburg DS, Fillios LC. A requirement   for dietary asparagine in pregnant rats. J Nutr 1979;109: 2190-7.   Newburg DS, Concon JM. Malonaldehyde concentrations in food are   affected by cooking conditions. J Food Sci 1980;45:1681-7.   Newburg DS, Fillios LC. Brain development in neonatal rats   nursing asparagine-deprived dams. Dev Neurosci 1982;5:332-44.   Concon JM, Newburg DS, Eades SN. Lectins in wheat gluten   proteins. J Agric Food Chem 1983;31:939-41. Newburg DS, Concon   JM. Lectins in rice and corn endosperm. J Agric Food Chem   1985;33:685-7. Newburg DS, Yatziv S, McCluer RH, Raghavan S.   -Glucosidase inhibition in murine peritoneal macrophages by   conduritol-B-epoxide: an in vitro model of the Gaucher cell.   Biochim Biophys Acta 1986;877:121-6. Yatziv S, Barfi G, Newburg   DS. Lysosomal hydrolases in blood-derived macrophages of patients   with I-cell disease. J Lab Clin Med 1986;108:365-8. Newburg DS,   Shea TB, Yatziv S, Raghavan SS, McCluer RH. Macrophages exposed   in vitro to conduritol B epoxide resemble Gaucher cells. Exp Mol   Pathol 1988;48:317-23. Yatziv S, Newburg DS, Livni N, Barfi G,   Kolodny EH. Gaucher-like changes in human blood-derived   macrophages induced by -glucocerebrosidase inhibition. J Lab Clin   Med 1988;111:416-20. Daniel PF, Newburg DS, O'Neil NE, Smith PW,   Fleet GW. Effects of the -mannosidase inhibitors,   1,4-dideoxy-1,4-imino-D-mannitol and swainsonine, on glycoprotein   catabolism in cultured macrophages. Glycoconj J 1989;6:229-40.   Newburg DS, Pickering LK, McCluer RH, Cleary TG. Fucosylated   oligosaccharides of human milk protect suckling mice from   heat-stabile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli. J Infect Dis   1990;162:1075-80. Johnson JR, Berggren T, N

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