Jason Moscatello - Growth of Carbon, Boron Nitride and ZnO Nanotubes for Biosensors

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      Jason Moscatello, Jiesheng Wang, Benjamin Ulmen, Vijaya K.   Kayastha, Ming Xie, Samuel L. Mensah, Shun Wu, Archana Pandey,   Chee H. Lee, Abhishek Prasad and Yoke Khin Yap


      Nanotubes have significant portions of their atoms located at the   surfaces and represent the future of biological devices. With   suchsmall dimensions, sensitivities and applications previously   impossible are being made real. Not all nanomaterials are   currently at the same level of proficiency, however. Carbon   nanotubes are a mature, easily grown and controlled   nanostructure, but boron nitride and zinc oxide are still coming   into their own. Yet progress in all three species of nanotubes is   making applications easier than before.

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