Emiko Okamura - "Limited Slowdown of Endocrine-Disruptor Diffusion in Confined Fluid Lipid Membranes"

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      E.Okamura, C.Wakai, N.Matubayasi, Y.Sugiura, and M.Nakahara,   Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 248101 (2004).


      Self-diffusion   rates of lipids and trapped bisphenol A (BPA) are determined in   various sizes of confined but fluid membranes by   high-field-gradient NMR at 600 MHz. Micelles and vesicles of 3-   to 400-nm diameters are used as model membranes, to get an   insight into the molecular diffusion in such soft environments.   The slowdown of BPA and lipid motions is leveled off in 100- and   400-nm vesicles, although the hydrodynamic (HD) continuum model   gives the aggregate motion slowed inversely to the aggregate   size. Instead, the limited motion is related to the   intra-aggregate fluidity of the membrane.

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