Emiko Okamura - "Real-time In-cell 19F NMR Study on Uptake of Fluorescent and Nonfluorescent 19F-Octaarginines into Human Jurkat Cells"

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      E.Okamura, K.Ninomiya, S.Futaki, Y.Nagai, T.Kimura, C.Wakai,   N.Matubayasi, Y.Sugiura, and M.Nakahara, Chem. Lett.   34, 1064-1065 (2005).


      Real-time in-cell 19FNMR spectroscopy is developed   to determine the time scale of cellular uptake of   fluorescent and

      nonfluorescent 19F-octaarginines. The peptide   concentration as low as 10-mM order is   successfully detected with a

      time resolution of 1–2 min. The concentration analysis shows   that fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) induces different

      kinetics for the peptide uptake into natural human cells.   The ability of 19FNMR to detect the real-time uptake of   bioactive

      molecules is shown with minimal perturbation.

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