Rafael Abargues - High-resolution electron-beam patternable nanocomposite containing metal nanoparticles for plasmonics

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  R Abargues, J Marques-Hueso, J Canet-Ferrer, E Pedrueza, J L   Valdes, E Jimenez, J P Martinez-Pastor (2008) NANOTECHNOLOGY 19:   35.


  Polymer nanocomposites containing noble metal nanoparticles are   promising materials for plasmonic applications. In this paper, we   report on a high-resolution negative-tone nanocomposite resist   based on poly(vinyl alcohol) where silver nanoparticles and   nanopatterns are simultaneously generated by electron-beam   lithography. Our results indicate nanostructures with a   relatively high concentration of nanoparticles and, consequently,   an electromagnetic coupling among the nanoparticles. Therefore,   the patternable nanocomposite described in this work may be a   suitable material for future plasmonic circuitry.

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