Shigeo Oyama - Authored Book 1.Control of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions, Conventional and Emerging Technologies P. Hunter, S. T. Oyama John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2000

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Authored Book 1.Control of Volatile   Organic Compound Emissions, Conventional and Emerging   Technologies P. Hunter, S. T. Oyama John Wiley & Sons, New   York, 2000. Edited Books 1.Mechanisms in Homogeneous and   Heterogeneous Epoxidation Catalysis S. T. Oyama Elsevier,   Amsterdam, 2008 2.Third World Congress on Oxidation R. B.   Grasselli, S. T. Oyama, A. M. Gaffney, J. E. Lyons, Eds. Studies   in Surface Science and Catalysis, Vol. 110 Elsevier, Amsterdam,   1997. 3.Heterogeneous Hydrocarbon Oxidation B. K. Warren and S.   T. Oyama, Eds. ACS Symposium Series 638 American Chemical   Society, Washington, D.C. 1996 4.The Chemistry of Transition   Metal Carbides and Nitrides S. T. Oyama, Editor Blackie Academic   and Scientific, London, 1996. 5.Research Opportunities in   Catalytic Selective Oxidation S. T. Oyama and J. W. Hightower,   Eds. ACS Symposium Series, 1993, 523, 1. 6.Preparation of High   Surface Area Materials. S. C. Carniglia, L. Volpe and S. T. Oyama   Catalytica Studies, Catalytica, Mountain View, CA, 1988. Patents   1.Multilayer Composite Membranes for Hydrogen Separation Composed   of Silica on Alumina Over layers S. T. Oyama, Y. Gu, D. Lee US   Patent No. 7.179,325, February 20, 2007, Assigned to Virginia   Tech. 2.Method for Manufacture of Propylene Oxide N. Mimura, S.   Oyama, K. Murata Japan Patent 3,994,164, Aug. 10, 2007, Assigned   to the National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and   Technology. 3.Gold on Hybrid Mesoporous Structures with   Microporous Titanosilicate Elements for the Oxidation of   Hydrocarbons X. Zhang, J. Lu, J. J. Bravo-Suarez, K. K. Bando, Z.   Song, S. Tsubota, S. T. Oyama, T. Fujitani Japan Pat. Appl.   2007-054711, March 5, 2007, Assigned to the National Institute   for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. 4.Enhancement of   Oxidation Reactions by Separate Feed of Hydrogen and Oxygen in   Membrane Reactors S. T. Oyama, X. Zhang, J. Lu, J. J.   Bravo-Suarez, S. Tsubota, K. K. Bando, M. Yoshimune, T. Fujitani   Japan

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