Steffen Petersen - Title: Using light to bioactivate surfaces: A new way of creating oriented, active immunobiosensors (vol 254, pg 1126, 2007) Author(s): Duroux M, Gurevich L, Neves-Petersen MT, et al

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Title: Using light to bioactivate   surfaces: A new way of creating oriented, active immunobiosensors   (vol 254, pg 1126, 2007) Author(s): Duroux M, Gurevich L,   Neves-Petersen MT, et al. Source: APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE Volume:   255 Issue: 5 Pages: 3470-3470 Part: Part 2 Published: DEC 30 2008   Times Cited: 0 2. Title: Light-induced immobilisation of   biomolecules as an attractive alternative to micro-droplet   dispensing-based arraying technologies (vol 7, pg 3491, 2007)   Author(s): Duroux M, Skovsen E, Neves-Petersen MT, et al. Source:   PROTEOMICS Volume: 8 Issue: 5 Pages: 1113-1113 Published: MAR   2008 Times Cited: 0 3. Title: Light-powered molecular   engineering: a new technology for medical safety applications -   art. no. 67391A Author(s): Neves-Petersen MT, Durouxa M, Skovsen   E, et al. Conference Information: Conference on Electro-Optical   Remote Sensing, Detection, and Photonic Technologies and Their   Applications, SEP 18-20, 2007 Florence, ITALY Source:   ELECTRO-OPTICAL REMOTE SENSING, DETECTION, AND PHOTONIC   TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS Book Series: PROCEEDINGS OF   THE SOCIETY OF PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS (SPIE)   Volume: 6739 Pages: A7391-A7391 Published: 2007 Times Cited: 0 4.   Title: Naturally occurring iodine in humic substances in drinking   water in Denmark is bioavailable and determines population iodine   intake Author(s): Andersen S, Pedersen KM, Iversen F, et al.   Source: BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION Volume: 99 Issue: 2 Pages:   319-325 Published: FEB 2008 Times Cited: 0 5. Title: Using light   to bioactivate surfaces: A new way of creating oriented, active   immunobio sensors Author(s): Duroux M, Gurevich L, Neves-Petersen   MT, et al. Conference Information: Symposium on Laser Synthesis   and Processing of Advanced Materials held at the E-MRS 2007   Spring Meeting, 2007 Strasbourg, FRANCE Source: APPLIED SURFACE   SCIENCE Volume: 254 Issue: 4 Pages: 1126-1130 Published: DEC 15   2007 Times Cited:

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